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FMR and Magnetic Studies on Polycrystalline YIG Thin Films Deposited Using Pulsed Laser
Ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) and magnetic studies have been carried out on polycrystalline YIG films deposited by pulsed laser deposition (at TS:750 °C, O2:5×10-2 mbar) using a range of laserExpand
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Aditya : the first Indian tokamak
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Infrared absorption in spinel ferrites
Their spectra of a number of ferrites, MFe2O4, M(Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu and Zn) have been studied at room temperature in the range 200–1000 cm−1. In all the cases the spectrum consists of four bands, twoExpand
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Thickness dependent anomalous magnetic behavior in pulsed-laser deposited cobalt ferrite thin film
Cobalt ferrite thin films of different thicknesses were pulsed-laser deposited onto a fused quartz substrate held at ambient temperature (RT) by varying deposition time. The samples were ex-situExpand
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Large room temperature magnetization in nanocrystalline zinc ferrite thin films
Zinc ferrite films were deposited on fused quartz substrate at different temperatures using pulsed laser ablation (PLA) and rf sputtering. X-ray diffraction indicated that all the films were singleExpand
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Hysteresis and remanence in magnetoelectric effects in functionally graded magnetostrictive-piezoelectric layered composites
U. Laletin,1,2 G. Sreenivasulu,1 V. M. Petrov,1,3 T. Garg,1,4 A. R. Kulkarni,4 N. Venkataramani,4 and G. Srinivasan1,* 1Physics Department, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan 48309, USAExpand
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Enhanced magnetization in sputter-deposited copper ferrite thin films
Copper ferrite thin films have been prepared by RF sputtering on quartz substrates. By following successive heating and quenching, it was possible to obtain the films, which showed cubic phase inExpand
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Photon-magnon coupling in a YIG-film split-ring resonant system
By using the stripline Microwave Vector–Network Analyser Ferromagnetic Resonance and Time Domain spectroscopy techniques, we study a strong coupling regime of magnons to microwave photons in theExpand
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Polar and longitudinal magneto-optical spectroscopy of bismuth substituted yttrium iron garnet films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Abstract Ferrimagnetic bismuth substituted yttrium iron garnet Bi x Y 3 −  x Fe 5 O 12 (BiYIG) films with x  = 1 and 2 pulsed laser deposited onto (111) Gd 3 Ga 5 O 12 (GGG) substrates were studiedExpand
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Effect of substrate temperature on magnetic properties of MnFe2O4 thin films
MnFe2O4 thin films were pulsed laser deposited on to quartz substrate from room temperature (RT) to 650 °C in a pure argon environment. Temperature dependence of spontaneous magnetization (4πMS) wasExpand
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