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Changes in the pattern of sensitization to common contact allergens in Denmark between 1985–86 and 1997–98, with a special view to the effect of preventive strategies
Nickel was the most common contact allergen in both study periods, followed by the fragrance mix, and contact allergy to potassium dichromate decreased significantly, seen in both sexes and was most pronounced among those of working age. Expand
Cutaneous sarcoidosis in Caucasians.
Lupus pernio, scar infiltrates, and plaque lesions were the most common clinical lesions and were typically chronic and commonly associated with pulmonary mottling and/or fibrosis, and dinitrochlorobenzene sensitivity was higher among patients with acute disease than among those with chronic disease. Expand
Experimental systemic contact dermatitis from nickel: a dose–response study
Among nickel‐sensitive individuals, a definite dose–response dependency was seen, following oral exposure to nickel, and the nickel content in the urine and serum of both nickel‐ sensitive and healthy control individuals was directly related to the dose of nickel ingested. Expand
Patch test reactivity to nickel alloys
11 widely used nickel alloys were investigated with respect to corrosion stability and reactivity in nickel‐sensitive individuals. Alloys with a nickel release in synthetic sweat exceeding 1Expand
Hand eczema guidelines based on the Danish guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of hand eczema
The aetiology of hand eczema is unknown in up to 20% of cases, and the clinical appearance of these cases is unknown. Expand
Low nickel diet in the treatment of patients with chronic nickel dermatitis
Of 28 patients with chronic nickel dermatitis 17 experienced aggravation following oral ingestion of 2.5 mg nickel, but not a placebo tablet. The dermatitis of 9 of the 17 patients improved during aExpand
Is tea tree oil an important contact allergen?
Long‐term, intermittent treatment of chronic hand eczema with mometasone furoate
It is concluded that long‐term, intermittent treatment of chronic hand eczema with mometasone furoate fatty cream is effective and safe. Expand
Oral challenge with nickel and cobalt in patients with positive patch tests to nickel and/or cobalt.
During a 3-year period, 146 patients with positive patch tests to nickel and/or cobalt, for whom a systemic cause of dermatitis was suspected, were challenged orally with a single dose of 2.5 mgExpand
Plantar Trichophyton rubrum infections may cause dermatophytids on the hands.
Over a 2-year period, we saw 37 patients with a diagnosis of dermatophytid on the hands based on 1) culture-proven dermatophytosis on one or both feet; 2) symmetrical, secondary vesicular eruptionsExpand