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Comparative study of responses in four Datura species to a zinc stress.
The effects of zinc toxicity on the growth and the photosynthetic activities of four Datura species (Datura metel, Datura innoxia, Datura sanguinea, Datura tatula) were studied using various ZnSO4Expand
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P2Y(1), P2Y(2), P2Y(4), and P2Y(6) receptors are coupled to Rho and Rho kinase activation in vascular myocytes.
In the cardiovascular system, activation of ionotropic (P2X receptors) and metabotropic (P2Y receptors) P2 nucleotide receptors exerts potent and various responses including vasodilation,Expand
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Relationship between PSII activity, CO 2 fixation, and Zn, Mn and Mg contents of Lolium perenne under zinc stress
Summary The effect of zinc toxicity on photosystem II (PSII) activities, photosynthetic function, and some mineral concentrations in hydroponically-grown Lolium perenne was studied at four ZnSO 4Expand
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Alteration of photosynthesis in grapevines affected by esca.
ABSTRACT To further understand the development of esca disease in grapevine, its physiological impact on plants grown in the vineyard was characterized, focusing mainly on photosynthesis. For thisExpand
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Treatment of domestic wastewater using the nutrient film technique (NFT) to produce horticultural roses.
Removal of organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus was investigated in a pilot based on the nutrient film technique system used for horticultural production. Rosebushes producing commercial rosesExpand
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Use of commercial plant species in a hydroponic system to treat domestic wastewaters.
The objectives in this work were to investigate a conceptual layout for an inexpensive and simple system that would treat primary municipal wastewater to discharge standards. A commercial hydroponicExpand
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PCSK9-deficiency does not alter blood pressure and sodium balance in mouse models of hypertension.
OBJECTIVE Proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) is highly expressed in the kidney, where its function remains unclear. In vitro data suggested that PCSK9 could impair the traffickingExpand
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Endophytic Neotyphodium lolii induced tolerance to Zn stress in Lolium perenne
The effect of Zn on growth, chlorophyll a fluorescence, net photosynthetic rate, gas exchange, water content and mineral concentrations (Zn, Mn and Mg) in ryegrass infected with or free fromExpand
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Urban wastewater treatment by a nutrient film technique system with a valuable commercial plant species (Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium Trev.).
Urban wastewater causes rapid eutrophication of natural waters and requires treatment before discharge. This is expensive and produces huge quantities of sludge. In the European Community, it will noExpand
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Targeting PI3Kγ activity decreases vascular trauma-induced intimal hyperplasia through modulation of the Th1 response
PI3Kγ plays a major role in the initiation and progression of intimal hyperplasia by specifically modulating Th1 cytokines leading to CXCL10 and RANTES production by smooth muscle cells.
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