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Phosphorus losses at the catchment scale within Europe: an overview
Quantifying P losses to surface waters at different scales and partitioning of the loads into P losses from point sources and diffuse sources are significant future challenges for river basinExpand
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Meat and bone meal as nitrogen fertilizer to cereals in Norway
Meat and bone meal (MBM) contains appreciable amounts of nitrogen (N), phosphorus and calcium making it interesting as fertilizer to various crops. The effect of Norwegian MBM as N fertilizer hasExpand
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Regional variations in diffuse nitrogen losses from agriculture in the Nordic and Baltic regions
Abstract. This paper describes nitrogen losses from, and the characteristics of, 35 selected catchments (12 to 2000 ha) in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Average annual losses of N in 1994–1997Expand
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Runoff and nutrient losses during winter periods in cold climates--requirements to nutrient simulation models.
Large areas in Europe may experience frozen soils during winter periods which pose special challenges to modelling. Extensive data are collected in small agricultural catchments in Nordic and BalticExpand
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Testicular cancer and parental use of fertilizers in agriculture.
Testicular cancer incidence is increasing rapidly in several countries. Environmental causes acting early in life are suspected but have not yet been identified. We conducted a cohort study toExpand
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Nitrogen balances and leaching in four agricultural catchments in southeastern Norway
Abstract The aim of this paper is to evaluate the relations between nitrogen surface balances and nitrogen leaching in four small agricultural catchments in the southeastern part of Norway. TheExpand
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Direct and residual effects of pulp and paper mill sludge on crop yield and soil mineral N
Paper sludge composted or stored in static piles for six months was compared to raw and lime-stabilized sludge in a three-year pot experiment (loam) and a four-year field experiment (silt loam) atExpand
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Nutrient Losses from Point and Diffuse Agricultural Sources in Latvia
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Nutrient losses from agricultural areas in the Gulf of Riga drainage basin
Abstract Leaching and runoff losses of nitrogen and phosphorus were measured in four catchments in Estonia and Latvia during the period 1994–1997. The losses varied considerably depending on land useExpand
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A novel governance framework for GMO
EMBO Reports (2019) e47812 New breeding techniques, in particular gene editing technologies such as CRISPR, have great potential to transform agri‐ and aquaculture. However, realising this potentialExpand
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