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Generalised Quantum Theory—Basic Idea and General Intuition: A Background Story and Overview
We propose a generalised version of algebraic quantum theory that can be applied to any type of system. Expand
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The Concept of Complementarity and its Role in Quantum Entanglement and Generalized Entanglement
The term complementarity plays a central role in quantum physics, not least in various approaches to defining entanglement and the conditions for its occurrence. It has, however, been used in aExpand
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Prey‐Correlated Spectral Changes in Echolocation Sounds of the Indian False Vampire Megaderma lyra
False Vampires (Megaderma lyra) are gleaning bats which emit brief (1 ms) and faint echolocation signals consisting of four harmonics of a shallow frequency downward modulated fundamental (27-19Expand
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Decoherence does not get rid of the quantum paradox
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Hard Problems in Philosophy of Mind and Physics: Do They Point to Spirituality as a Solution?
I suggest that there exists an interesting and little known relationship between Neuroscience, Consciousness and Spirituality. To illustrate this, I first outline the paradoxical relation between theExpand
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Spirituality : Th e Legacy of Parapsychology
Spirituality is a topic of recent interest. Mindfulness, for example, a concept derived from the Buddhist tradition, has captivated the imagination of clinicians who package it in convenientExpand