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Ocean–atmosphere coupling over monsoon regions
In monsoon regions, the seasonal migration of the intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) is manifested as a seasonal reversal of winds. Most of the summer monsoon rainfall over India occurs owing toExpand
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Long term monitering of vegetation in a tropical deciduous forest in Mudumalai, Southern India
As part of an international network of large plots to study tropical vegetation dynamics on a long-term basis, a 50-hectare permanent plot was set up during 1988-89 in the deciduous forests ofExpand
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Growth in the Asian elephant
Records of captive Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) were used to derive parameters of the von Bertalanffy function for growth in height, body weight and circumference of tusks with age. There wasExpand
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Evolutionary genetics: From molecules to morphology
This is a collection of 32 articles, produced in honour of Prof. Richard Lewontin on the occasion of his sixtyfifth birthday. It is difficult to think of a better collection of comprehensive, timely,Expand
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Impact of climate change on forests in India
Global assessments have shown that future climate change is likely to significantly impact forest ecosystems. The present study makes an assessment of the impact of projected climate change on forestExpand
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On the patterns of tree diversity in the Western Ghats of India
`We have explored in the Western Ghats the patterns of tree diversity in relation to vegetation types which have been primarily defined on the basis of structure and phenology, A total of 20,785Expand
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Impact of climate change on Indian forests: a dynamic vegetation modeling approach
We make an assessment of the impact of projected climate change on forest ecosystems in India. This assessment is based on climate projections of the Regional Climate Model of the Hadley CentreExpand
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Algal biofuel from urban wastewater in India: Scope and challenges
Rapidly depleting stocks of fossil fuels and increasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have necessitated the exploration of cost effective sustainable energy sources focussing on biofuels throughExpand
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Evolution of cooperation by reciprocation within structured demes
The iterative two-person Prisoners’ Dilemma game has been generalised to theN-person case. The evolution of cooperation is explored by matching the Tit For Tat (TFT) strategy (Axelrod and HamiltonExpand
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