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[Correction of neutropenia with lithium carbonate during the radiation treatment of lymphogranulomatosis patients].
Great preservation of the content of neutrophil leukocytes was attained with the use of lithium carbonate coupled with radiation therapy, and administration of lithium Carbonate in the interval between the stages of anticancer treatment brought about an increase in the neutrophils count. Expand
Surface waves guided by magnetic metamaterials
We consider electromagnetic waves guided by slabs of anisotropic resonant magnetic metamaterials in free space and in metal waveguides. It is shown that wave propagation is possible in a waveguideExpand
Calculation of the Lightning Potential Index and electric field in numerical weather prediction models
Modern methods for predicting thunderstorms and lightnings with the use of high-resolution numerical models are considered. An analysis of the Lightning Potential Index (LPI) is performed for variousExpand
Radio-frequency surface impedance of HTSC-ceramics and definition of critical current density
Abstract The dependence of local critical current density j c on the magnetic field H is obtained by use of the low frequency electromagnetic probe signal. It is shown, that in a wide region ofExpand
Peak-effect in HTSC ceramics at a low magnetic field
Abstract It was investigated the dependence of critical current Jc in ceramic samples on a magnetic field H. Peak-effect was observed in ceramics with large size of the grains. The curve JC(H) has aExpand
Russian studies of atmospheric electricity in 2011–2014
This review contains the most significant results of Russian studies in the field of atmospheric electricity in 2011–2014. It is part of the Russian National Report on Meteorology and AtmosphericExpand
Yttrium carbonate thermolysis
The thermal stability of carbonate precursors of yttrium oxide was studied by thermal and thermogravimetric analyses, specifically, with evolved gas mass spectroscopy, on TA Instruments equipment.Expand
[Potential of optical coherence tomography for diagnosing mucositis in cancer of the nasal cavity and throat in the course of radio- and chemoradiotherapy].
The monitoring data on mucosa of the nasal cavity and throat using optical coherence tomography imaging in 14 cases during radiochemotherapy are presented. Typical alterations such as reduction inExpand
Collapse of superconducting current in high-Tc ceramics in alternating magnetic field
Abstract We have investigated theoretically and experimentally a new effect - the fomation of a transport current cord in a longitudinal ac magnetic field. The sizes of the cord diminished with fieldExpand
[18F-FDG positron emission tomography in the diagnosis and staging of marginal zone non-Hodgkin lymphomas].
The results of 18F-FDG PET suggest that it is of high iagnostic value in marginal zone NHLs, which can provide a ra-ionale for optimal treat-ent policy. Expand