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Odonata enter the biodiversity crisis debate: The first global assessment of an insect group
The status and trends of global biodiversity are often measured with a bias towards datasets limited to terrestrial vertebrates. The first global assessment of an insect order (Odonata) provides newExpand
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Dragonfly Genera of the New World: An Illustrated and Annotated Key to the Anisoptera
Dragonfly Genera of the New World is a beautifully illustrated and comprehensive guide to the taxonomy and ecology of dragonflies in North, Middle, and South America. A reference of the highestExpand
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The classification and diversity of dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata)
An updated classification and numbers of described genera and species (until 2010) are provided up to family level. We argue for conserving the family-group names Chlorocyphidae, Euphaeidae andExpand
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A phylogenetic analysis of the extant Aeshnidae (Odonata: Anisoptera)
Abstract A cladistic analysis of the world Aeshnidae is presented, based on fifty-eight characters of adult and larval anatomy. The ingroup taxa include all the extant genera of Aeshnidae, and theExpand
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A synopsis of the Neotropical species of 'Aeshna' Fabricius: the genus Rhionaeschna Förster (Odonata: Aeshnidae)
Introduction .........................................................68 Material and methods Phylogenetic analysis .............................................69 BiogeographicExpand
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Five new species of Orthemis from South America (Odonata: Libellulidae)
Abstract Five new species of the levis-group of Orthemis, O. cinnamomea (holotype ♂ in USNM: Peru, Madre de Dios Department, Explorer's Inn on Rio Tambopata, 12°50′S, 69°17′W, 300 m, 23 vii 2002,Expand
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Odonata biodiversity of the Argentine Chaco biome
Abstract Odonates of small temporary pools, marshes, large permanent ponds, oxbow lakes, dams, and perennial rivers were sampled in the semiarid Chaco biome of NW Argentina between September 2007 andExpand
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Oreiallagma gen. nov. with a redefinition of Cyanallagma Kennedy 1920 and Mesamphiagrion Kennedy 1920, and the description of M. dunklei sp. nov. and M. ecuatoriale sp. nov. from Ecuador (Odonata:
In this paper we re-evaluate Cyanallagma Kennedy 1920, which currently includes 15 species, and we address another five species that share diagnostic characters with some of them but are currentlyExpand
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An annotated list of the name-bearing types of species-group names in Odonata preserved in the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology
-T~I~S catalog presents a listing of all species-group names associated with Odonata specimens currently housed in the type collection in the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology (UMMZ), AnnExpand
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