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Suppression of glucose absorption by extracts from the leaves of Gymnema inodorum.
Gymnema sylvestre (GS) is one of the Asclepiad strains that grows in South-east Asia. Their therapeutic effects for treating diabetes mellitus, rheumatic arthritis and gout have been well known for aExpand
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Mechanism of cadmium-induced blockade of neuromuscular transmission.
Abstract The effect of cadmium ion (Cd 2+ ) on neuromuscular transmission was examined in phrenic nerve-diaphragm preparations (PND) of mice and rats.The indirectly induced muscle twitch (IT) wasExpand
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Inhibitory effects of caffeine on contractions and calcium movement in vascular and intestinal smooth muscle
1 The mechanism of the inhibitory effect of caffeine was investigated using vascular smooth muscle of rabbit aorta and intestinal smooth muscle of taenia isolated from guinea‐pig caecum. 2 Caffeine,Expand
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The mechanism of contractile action of palytoxin on vascular smooth muscle of guinea-pig aorta.
The mode of action of palytoxin (PTX) on the contractile responses and ion movements in guinea-pig aorta was investigated. PTX (10(-8) M) induced a contraction with a latency period of 0.5-1 min, andExpand
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Suppression of glucose absorption by some fractions extracted from Gymnema sylvestre leaves.
Extracts containing gymnemic acids, which were extracted from the leaves of Gymnema sylvestre (GS) as nine fractions, were evaluated for their effects on a high K(+)-induced contraction of guinea-pigExpand
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Simultaneous determination of nicotine and cotinine in various human tissues using capillary gas chromatography/mass spectrometry
SummaryA reliable and sensitive method for the simultaneous determination of nicotine and cotinine concentrations in various human tissues was developed using capillary gas chromatography/massExpand
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High-K medium produces a tonic contraction in guinea pig taenia coli. If muscle strips are preincubated in glucose-free medium, K produces only a phasic contraction. A comparison of Ca45 entry and ...
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Mobilization of stored calcium for phasic contraction induced by norepinephrine in rabbit aorta.
In Ca-free solution norepinephrine (NE) produced only a phasic contraction in the media-intima layer of rabbit aorta. The second application of NE was almost ineffective. Incubation of the muscleExpand
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Possible role of endogenous catecholamines in the contractions induced in rabbit aorta by ouabain, sodium depletion and potassium depletion.
Effects of ouabain, Na+ depletion and K+ depletion on the tension development of rabbit aorta were studied. Contraction in the strips was induced by ouabain and Na+-free solution substituted withExpand
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Effects of vanadate on mechanical responses and Na-K pump in vascular smooth muscle.
The effects of vanadate on tension and on the Na-K pump in isolated guinea-pig aorta were investigated. Vanadates (NH4VO3 or Na3VO4 . nH2O) (10(-3) M) produced a sustained contraction (about 0.5 g)Expand
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