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The use of silver coated dressings on donor site wounds: a prospective, controlled matched pair study.
Acticoat, a new silver-coated dressing, produces a moist healing environment along with the sustained release of ionic silver for improved microbial control. These properties suggest that ActicoatExpand
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Effective hand function assessment after burn injuries.
This study compared two methods of hand function assessment, the Michigan Hand Outcomes Questionnaire (MHQ) and the Test d'Evaluation des Membres Supérieurs des Personnes Agées (TEMPA) in 20 patientsExpand
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The effect of silicone gel sheets on perfusion of hypertrophic burn scars.
The mechanism of action of topical silicone gel sheets on hypertrophic scars is not well understood and their effect on the blood flow within hypertrophic scars has not been investigated. The purposeExpand
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Changes in subjective vs objective burn scar assessment over time: does the patient agree with what we think?
It is not known whether objective measurements of burn scar quality reflect, or even bear any relationship to, the patient's opinion of their scar. The purpose of this study was to determine whetherExpand
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Effects of enhanced patient education on compliance with silicone gel sheeting and burn scar outcome: a randomized prospective study.
The purpose of this study was to determine whether enhanced patient education increases compliance with silicone gel sheeting (SGS) on hypertrophic (HT) scars and to determine whether this results inExpand
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The utility of the functional independence measure (FIM) in discharge planning for burn patients.
Determining burn patients' need for inpatient rehabilitation at discharge is difficult and an objective clinical indicator might aid in this decision. The functional independence measure (FIM) is aExpand
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Late Outcomes After Grafting of the Severely Burned Face: A Quality Improvement Initiative
Many approaches to surgical management of the severely burned face are described, but there are few objective outcome studies. The purpose of this study was to perform a detailed evaluation of theExpand
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Construction of Skin Graft Seams in Burn Patients: A Prospective Randomized Double-Blinded Study
Prominent scars and contractures may form along the seams between adjacent skin grafts. Seams may be constructed either by approximating the graft edges (AP), or by slightly overlapping the graftExpand
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