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Risk of respiratory morbidity in term infants delivered by elective caesarean section: cohort study
Those delivered by elective caesarean section around term have an increased risk of overall and serious respiratory morbidity and the relative risk increased with decreasing gestational age. Expand
Listeriosis in human pregnancy: a systematic review
Prolonged use of high-dose ampicillin can significantly improve neonatal outcome and the intracellular life-cycle of Listeria protects the bacterium from host innate and adaptive immune responses. Expand
Concentrations of Adalimumab and Infliximab in Mothers and Newborns, and Effects on Infection.
There was an inverse correlation between the time from last exposure to anti-TNF agent during pregnancy and drug concentration in the umbilical cord, and live vaccines should be avoided for up to 1 year unless drug clearance is documented. Expand
Dynamics of Streptococcus agalactiae Colonization in Women during and after Pregnancy and in Their Infants
Investigation of the population dynamics of Streptococcus agalactiae colonization of the vagina and anorectal area in a cohort of 77 Danish women during and after their pregnancy strongly suggest differences in the properties and epidemiology of virulent GBS clones compared to clones commonly carried by healthy individuals. Expand
ADAM12: a novel first‐trimester maternal serum marker for Down syndrome
The goal of this study was to determine whether ADAM12 concentration in maternal serum is a useful indicator of foetal health. Expand
Ripening of the human uterine cervix related to changes in collagen, glycosaminoglycans, and collagenolytic activity.
The extractability of collagen increased during pregnancy, as well as during labor, and the water concentration increased, and an increase in the collagenolytic activity was observed with advancing gestational age. Expand
Parvovirus B19 infection in human pregnancy
This research highlights the need to understand more fully the immune response to Parvovirus B19 in women during pregnancy and how this infection affects the immune system during pregnancy. Expand
Biomechanical analysis of human chorioamniotic membranes.
The biomechanical properties of human fetal membranes were analyzed by means of a materials testing machine and no significant differences were found between specimens, which were oriented in parallel with and at right angles to the placental edge. Expand
Clonal analysis of Streptococcus agalactiae isolated from infants with neonatal sepsis or meningitis and their mothers and from healthy pregnant women.
Evaluated group B streptococci isolated from infants with neonatal sepsis or meningitis and their mothers differ from GBS isolated from healthy pregnant women who gave birth to healthy infants, finding a population structure like that of traditional pathogens. Expand
Current debate on the use of antibiotic prophylaxis for caesarean section
Please cite this paper as: Lamont R, Sobel J, Kusanovic J, Vaisbuch E, Mazaki‐Tovi S, Kim S, Uldbjerg N, Romero R. Current debate on the use of antibiotic prophylaxis for caesarean section. BJOGExpand