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Substitute meniscus of Teflon-net for the knee joint of dogs.
Investigations conducted in 20 joints of 17 dogs suggest that a Teflon-net substitute meniscus preserves knee joint functions more effectively than a regenerated or absent meniscus. Teflon-net is anExpand
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The viscoelastic properties of the human semilunar cartilage.
Abstract We performed the experiment to observe the mechanical and physical properties of the semilunar cartilage in the knee of the pig and the human, which were preserved in silicone oil at 4°C forExpand
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Surgical Treatment for Painful Bipartite Patellae
Six cases (six knees) of the painful bipartite patellae were treated by surgical method because conservative treatment wasn't effective. The first case was treated by an excision of the accessoryExpand
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[Resistance to traction of the periarticular ligaments and tendons of the knee].
The authors present a methodical study concerning traction strength of the ligaments and the periarticular tendons of the knee. The straining potential and the mechanical strength of these elementsExpand
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Experience of the Transposition Ostestomy of the Acetabulum for Secondary Osteoarthritis
In Japan, there are many cases of secondary osteoarthritis of the hip caused by CDH or dysplasia of acetabular roof.Seven patients (eight hips) with secondary osteoarthritis were treated byExpand
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Results of Anterior Decompressive Interbody Fusion of the Cervical Spine
A follow-up study of 41 cases with anterior decompressive interbody fusion of cervical spine was done. We analysed relationships of results to many factors. (term of illness, age, Hattori'sExpand
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Three Cases of the Osteochondritis Dissecans Treated with Fixation of the Loose Bodies
Recently we have experienced 3 patients which treated by method of transplanting and fixing their own articular cartilage with bone pegs made from their tibial bone.Three cases consists of anExpand
A Study of the Knee Extensor and Flexer Muscle Strength in the Patellar Disease using Cybex-II
The authors have investigated the muscle strength about the knee with the patellofemoral joint problems (recurrent patellar dislocation; 6 cases, chondromalacia patellae; 3 cases, subluxation of theExpand