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How successful is varicose vein surgery? A patient outcome study following varicose vein surgery using the SF-36 Health Assessment Questionnaire.
OBJECTIVE Assessment of outcome after varicose vein surgery. DESIGN Prospective study using the Health Assessment Questionnaire (SF36) which considers different aspects of overall health. SETTINGExpand
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Junior doctors' on call activities: differences in workload and work patterns among grades.
OBJECTIVE--To examine the workload and work patterns of junior doctors of all grades while on call. DESIGN--Pilot study of activity data self recorded by junior doctors, with the help of studentsExpand
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Benefits of Exercise: The Evidence
Part 1 The effects of exercise on diseases and disorders: cardiovascular diseases musculo-skeletal disease psychological disorders metabolic disorders respiratory disorders various other disorders.Expand
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Out of hours work in general practice
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Anthrobotics: Science-by-Doing in Higher Education
This work-in-progress report gives a short account of the development of a final year science degree module, called Anthrobotics, which incorporates both a "hands-on" approach to understandingExpand