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Maximally symmetric vector propagator
We derive the propagator for a massive vector field on a de Sitter background of arbitrary dimension. This propagator is de Sitter invariant and possesses the proper flat space-time and masslessExpand
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Beneficial effects of physical training and methodology of exercise prescription in patients with heart failure.
T he heart failure (HF) syndrome is rapidly becoming one of the most prevalent cardiovascular diseases in recent years and has a high mortality rate. Depending on the age group, the prevalence of HFExpand
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Stochastic quantum gravitational inflation
Abstract During inflation explicit perturbative computations of quantum field theories which contain massless, nonconformal fields exhibit secular effects that grow as powers of the logarithm of theExpand
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Stochastic inflationary scalar electrodynamics
Abstract We stochastically formulate the theory of scalar quantum electrodynamics on a de Sitter background. This reproduces the leading infrared logarithms at each loop order. It also allows one toExpand
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Adaptive Storage Location Assignment for Warehouses Using Intelligent Products
This study aims to identify a potential solution by developing a distributed, adaptive strategy for the storage location assignment problem and follows the product intelligence paradigm for its implementation. Expand
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Comment on 'Can infrared gravitons screen {lambda}?'
We reply to the recent criticism by Garriga and Tanaka of our proposal that quantum gravitational loop corrections may lead to a secular screening of the effective cosmological constant. TheirExpand
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Matter contributions to the expansion rate of the universe
Abstract We consider the effect of various particles on the cosmic expansion rate relative to that of the graviton. Effectively massless fermions, gauge bosons and conformally coupled scalars makeExpand
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A measure of cosmological acceleration
We propose quantifying the quantum gravitational back-reaction on inflation with an invariant measure of the local acceleration rather than the expansion rate. Our observable is suitable for modelsExpand
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A simplified quantum gravitational model of inflation
Inflationary quantum gravity simplifies drastically in the leading logarithm approximation. We show that the only counterterm which contributes in this limit is the 1-loop renormalization of theExpand
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Change in the epidemiology of Reiter's syndrome (reactive arthritis) in the post-AIDS era? An analysis of cases appearing in the Greek Army.
OBJECTIVE During the last 5 years we observed a significant decrease in the incidence of newly established cases of Reiter's syndrome (reactive arthritis) in Greek Army personnel. Our study wasExpand
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