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Mesozoic break-up of SW Gondwana: implications for regional hydrocarbon potential of the southern South Atlantic
Abstract This work provides new palinspastic palaeofacies reconstructions of SW Gondwana incorporating rotation of a Falkland/Malvinas microplate. We discuss the implications of this for the tectonicExpand
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40Ar/39Ar dating of hydrothermal activity, biota and gold mineralization in the Rhynie hot-spring system, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
This study presents a new high-precision 40Ar/39Ar age for the Devonian hot-spring system at Rhynie. Hydrothermal K-feldspar sampled from two veins that represent feeder conduits and a hydrothermallyExpand
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Arthropods invade the land: trace fossils and palaeoenvironments of the Tumblagooda Sandstone (?late Silurian) of Kalbarri, Western Australia
The trace fossils of the Tumblagooda Sandstone (?late Silurian) of Kalbarri, Western Australia are spectacular in their variety and preservation. They provide a unique insight into the activities ofExpand
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A Devonian auriferous hot spring system, Rhynie, Scotland
The Early Devonian Rhynie hot spring system is the oldest known and is of the low sulphidation type. It extends for at least 1.5 km along a major fault zone defining the western margin of an outlierExpand
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Geological setting of the Early Devonian Rhynie cherts, Aberdeenshire, Scotland: an early terrestrial hot spring system
Abstract: The drilling of nine cored boreholes, including a deep hole (233 m) to a gabbroic basement, in the vicinity of the Rhynie chert locality has resulted in a major revision of the structureExpand
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An Early Devonian arthropod fauna from the Windyfield cherts, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
New terrestrial and freshwater arthropods are described from the Windyfield cherts, a suite of silicified sinters deposited 700m north-east of the Rhynie cherts and part of the same Early DevonianExpand
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Palaeoecology and sedimentology of the Achanarras fish bed of the Middle Old Red Sandstone, Scotland
The Achanarras fish bed of Middle Devonian age in the Orcadian Basin was deposited in a large freshwater lake of variable productivity in which thermal stratification was normally developed. The fishExpand
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Subaqueous silicification of the contents of small ponds in an Early Devonian hot-spring complex, Rhynie, Scotland
The Early Devonian Rhynie and Windyfield cherts of northeast Scotland originated as siliceous sinters deposited by hot springs. Silicification affected both subaerial and subaqueous environments,Expand
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Depositional environment and preservation of biota in the Lower Devonian hot-springs of Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
The Lower Devonian plant- and arthropod-bearing cherts of the Rhynie area of Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland, were deposited from silica-rich waters emanating from the hot-springs of a precious-metal (Au)Expand
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Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Permian of the Falkland Islands: lithostratigraphic and palaeoenvironmental links with South Africa
Comparison of the facies, ichnology and palaeocurrent patterns of the Permian of the Falkland Islands and the Dwyka, Ecca and Beaufort (part) groups in South Africa supports the hypothesis that theExpand
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