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The effect of EC heating on impurity transport in T-10
To analyze the effect of EC heating on impurity transport a short argon gas- puff (t~15-20 ms) was applied in a stationary phase of both OH and ECH discharges. The argon density profile evolutionExpand
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First Results of Biasing Experiments on the T-10 Tokamak
The first results of the electrode biasing experiments performed on the T-10 tokamak are presented. Positive voltage applied to an electrode inserted inside the tokamak limiter results in the H-modeExpand
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Formation of an internal transport barrier and magnetohydrodynamic activity in experiments with the controlled density of rational magnetic surfaces in the T-10 Tokamak
Results are presented from experiments on the formation of an internal electron transport barrier near the q = 1.5 rational surface in the T-10 tokamak. The experiments were carried out in the regimeExpand
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Mechanisms governing radial heat fluxes in tokamak plasma
A method for analyzing the characteristics of turbulence responsible for radial heat transport is proposed. The method is based on the previously proposed hypotheses (to a great extent, confirmedExpand
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Experimental study of particles and heat transport in T-10 Ohmic plasmas
Experimental study of heat an d particles transport with s imultaneous turbulence measurements is important for understanding physical mechanisms determine transport in tokamak. In the presentExpand
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Turbulence characteristics of electron cyclotron and ohmic heated discharges
InstituteofTokamak Physics,NRC“Kurchatov Institute”,123182, Kurchatov Sq. 1,Moscow, RussiaAbstractTurbulence characteristics of electron cyclotron (EC) and ohmic heated (OH)discharges has beenExpand
Experiments on beam--plasma discharges in connection with plasma chemistry
The properties of low-temperature plasmas are finding extensive use for chemical reactions. Efficient plasma-chemistry reactions require a steady-state plasma with a degree of ionization ..capExpand
Snake-like structures after pellet injection in the T-10 tokamak
Introduction A formation of snake-like structures was observed after a pellet injection in the tokamaks many years ago [1]. It was shown in [1-4] that a pellet ablation near a rational q surface canExpand