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Towards a theory of children's participation
Legal theorists and philosophers have debated whether children have rights and if so what kind; leaders in this field have articulated powerful arguments that children indeed have rights and pushedExpand
The ethics of participatory research with children
This paper argues that ethical problems in research involving direct contact with children can be overcome by using a participatory approach. A study of children's participation in decisions whenExpand
‘Your friends don’t understand’: Invisibility and unmet need in the lives of ‘young carers’
The paper concludes with an alternative definition of a ‘young carer’ and with some recommendations for professional practice, suggesting that the role of social work is crucial in this area of service. Expand
A handbook of children and young people's participation: perspectives from theory and practice
A Handbook of Children and Young People's Participation brings together key thinkers and practitioners from diverse contexts across the globe to provide an authoritative overview of contemporaryExpand
Participation and health – a research review of child participation in planning and decision‐making
It is concluded that when participation is successful, it may have beneficial side effects, chief among these are that participation may improve children’s safety, increase the success of care arrangements and increase feelings of well-being for children involved. Expand
Love, rights and solidarity: Studying children’s participation using Honneth’s theory of recognition
Recent attempts to theorize children’s participation have drawn on a wide range of ideas, concepts and models from political and social theory. The aim of this article is to explore the specificExpand
Children and politics
Children’s relation to politics can be understood in a variety of different ways, including the impact of politics on children, the political rights and status of children, children’s understandingExpand
Discovering what children think: connections between research and practice
Nigel Thomas qualified as a social worker in 1976. He worked as a social work practitioner, manager and advisor in Derbyshire and Oxfordshire before taking up his current post as Lecturer in AppliedExpand
Obstacles for child participation in care and protection cases—why Norwegian social workers find it difficult
This article is part of Svein Arild Vis' phd dissertation, which is available in Munin at http://hdl.handle.net/10037/7042