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Environmental Economic Load Dispatch with Quadratic Fuel Cost Function Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm
In this paper, a Cuckoo Search Algorithm (CSA) is proposed for solving environmental economic load dispatch (EELD) problem with quadratic fuel function. Cuckoo Search is a new meta-heuristicExpand
How Do Children Fare in the New Millennium? Initial Findings from Vietnam Round 3 Survey
H o w D o C h il d re n F a re i n t h e N e w M il le n n iu m ? In iti al fi nd in gs fr om V ie tn a m Young Lives is a long-term international research project investigating the changing natureExpand
Economic Emission Load Dispatch with Multiple Fuel Options Using Hopfield Lagrange Network
In this paper, a Hopfield Lagrange network (HLN) is proposed for solving economic emission load dispatch (EELD) problem with multiple fuel options (MFO). Economic load dispatch (ELD) problem with MFOExpand
Adaptive Network Based Fuzzy Inference System with Meta-Heuristic Optimizations for International Roughness Index Prediction
The International Roughness Index (IRI) is the one of the most important roughness indexes to quantify road surface roughness. In this paper, we propose a new hybrid approach between adaptive networkExpand
Circular Economy in Vietnam
The chapter presents the situation of waste generation and waste management in Vietnam, a middle-income country that has the fastest growth economies within the last 30 years. Along with theExpand
E-waste Management and Resource Recovery in Vietnam
E-waste has become an emerging issue in Vietnam due to the rapid increase of generated volume and its harmful effects. It has been estimated that there are 61,000–113,000 tons of e-waste generated inExpand
An Effectively Modified Firefly Algorithm for Economic Load Dispatch Problem
This paper proposes an effectively modified firefly algorithm (EMFA) for searching optimal solution of economic load dispatch (ELD) problem. Expand