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Assessment of supply chain risk: scale development and validation
A systematic approach is used to develop and validate an instrument to assess the supply chain risk of similar comparable industries. Expand
Knowledge Sharing and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
This paper proposes a model in which the five components of OCBs conducive to spontaneous behaviors are conducive to knowledge sharing as Wasko and Teigland claim. Expand
Role of celebrity in cause related marketing
Cause-related Marketing (CrM) has emerged as a rewarding strategy in developing nations for both brand and nonprofit organizations by changing the nature of corporate engagement in social causes.Expand
Performances of data mining techniques in forecasting stock index – evidence from India and US
We study the applicability of the following four data mining techniques: backpropagation neural network (BPNN), support vector regression (SVR), multivariate adaptive regression splines (MARS) and Markov chain incorporated into fuzzy stochastic (MF), for one-stepahead forecast of S&P CNX Nifty index of India and Nasdaq composite index of USA. Expand
Aligning IT strategy with business strategy for competitive advantage: a structural equation model
For the last two decades, Information Technology (IT) in general, and information systems (IS) in particular have rapidly advanced in capability and have changed the way organisations do business.Expand
Modeling brand resonance score (BRS) – an application in financial services
Purpose The experts in industry and academicians value brand resonance is the prerequisite factor in the firms of financial services. In this regard, the purpose of this paper is to modelExpand
Identification of the clusters of employee brand using FIMIX-PLS and FCM
Ensuring sustenance of service brand using functional difference is arduous in this competitive era. Such brand difference is significantly based on service employees' interaction with customers. AExpand
Understanding the intention to use self service technologies in the airline industry
Self service technologies (SST) in the airline industry are becoming more common nowadays in the developing countries. This research seeks to understand the factors that affect the travellers'Expand
Evaluation of employee brand using typological analysis in Indian airline organisation
A favourable employee brand gives service organisations competitive advantage. We analyse the typology of employee branding in an Indian airline company using finite mixture partial least squaresExpand
Bollywood Industry in the Wake of Cost Cutting Measures: Role of Quality Cues on Brand Placements
This study examines the significance and the favorability of brand placements in Indian film industry (Bollywood) movies that would generate revenues and reduce the risk of production costs for theExpand