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Solar-like Oscillations in Low-luminosity Red Giants: First Results from Kepler
We have measured solar-like oscillations in red giants using time-series photometry from the first 34 days of science operations of the Kepler Mission. The light curves, obtained with 30 minuteExpand
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Oscillations in β Ursae Minoris. Observations with SMEI
Aims. From observations of the K4III star β UMi we attempt to determine whether oscillations or any other form of variability is present. Methods. A high-quality photometric time series of ≈1000 daysExpand
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Censoring Science in Sixteenth-Century Italy: Recent (and Not-So-Recent) Research
Questions regarding the extent of ecclesiastical censorship in sixteenth-century Italy and its impact on the practice of science have long attracted the attention of historians of science. For manyExpand
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Giambattista Della Porta and the Roman Inquisition: censorship and the definition of Nature's limits in sixteenth-century Italy
  • N. Tarrant
  • History
  • The British Journal for the History of Science
  • 31 August 2012
Abstract It has long been noted that towards the end of the sixteenth century the Catholic Church began to use its instruments of censorship – the Inquisition and the Index of Forbidden Books – toExpand
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Reconstructing Thomist astrology: Robert Bellarmine and the papal bull Coeli et terrae*
  • N. Tarrant
  • Philosophy, Medicine
  • Annals of science
  • 2 January 2020
ABSTRACT Historians have portrayed the papal bull Coeli et terrae (1586) as a significant turning point in the history of the Catholic Church’s censorship of astrology. They argue that this bull wasExpand
Alchemy and the Mendicant Orders of Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Over the last thirty years, alchemy’s reputation has been transformed. This has been driven by many scholars, but in particular by the research of William R. Newman and Lawrence M. Principe. In anExpand