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Platelet-derived growth factor exerts disparate effects on odontoblast differentiation depending on the dimers in rat dental pulp cells
In vitro findings suggest that PDGF exerts diverse effects on odontoblastic differentiation depending on its dimeric form, which explains, at least in part, the in vivo action of PDGF in dentinogenesis during the repair process of damaged dental pulp.
Identification and functional analysis of brassicicene C biosynthetic gene cluster in Alternaria brassicicola.
In vivo and in vitro study clearly revealed the function of Orf8 and Orf6 as a fusicoccadiene synthase and methyltransferase, respectively, which promises construction of this type of diterpene compounds with genetic engineering.
Novel Fusicoccins R and S, and the Fusicoccin S Aglycon (Phomopsiol) from Phomopsis amygdali Niigata 2-A, and Their Seed Germination-stimulating Activity in the Presence of Abscisic Acid
Our search for new 3-hydroxyfusicoccins structurally related to cotylenin A from a culture of Phomopsis amygdali Niigata 2-A resulted in the isolation of novel 3-hydroxy fusicoccins, called
Conversion of [19-2H2]fusicocca-2,10(14)-diene into its 8β-ol and fusicoccins by Phomopsis (Fusicoccum) amygdali
Abstract Feeding experiments of (+)-[19-2H2]fusicocca-2,10(14)-diene, a deuterated derivative of a new candidate for the initially-forming fusicoccane-hydrocarbon in the fusicoccin biosynthesis, with
Fusicoccins P and Q, and 3-Epifusicoccins H and Q, New Polar Fusicoccins from Isolate Niigata 2-A of a Peach Fusicoccum Canker Fungus
Our search for new polar fusicoccins biosynthetically related to fusicoccin A from the culture filtrate of isolate Niigata 2-A of a peach Fusicoccum canker fungus resulted in the isolation of new
16-O-Demethyl Fusicoccin J and Its 3-Epimer from Fusicoccum amygdali, and Their Seed Germination-stimulating Activity in the Presence of Abscisic Acid.
16-O-Demethyl fusicoccin J and its 3-epimer showed only low germination-stimulating activity toward lettuce seeds in the presence of abscisic acid (20 μM), the latter being slightly more active than the former.
Transformation of fusicocca-2,10(14)-dien-8β-ol into fusicoccin J by the fusicoccin-producing fungus, Phomopsis (Fusicoccum) amygdali. Support for the intermediacy of fusicocca-2,10(14)-diene in the
(+)-Fusicocca-2,10(14)-diene, isolated recently by the authors, is most likely a genuine hydrocarbon intermediate in the biosynthesis of fusicoccin, as its 8β-hydroxy derivative is smoothly and
Chemical Identification of Fusicoccins from a Japanese Isolate Niigata 2 of Peach Fusicoccum Canker Fungus ( Phomopsis amygdali ) and Production of 3 '-Deacetylfusicoccin A by the Fungus
Novel diterpene glucosides fusicoccins (FCs) isolated from the phytopathogenic fungus Phomopsis (Fusicoccum) amygdali Del. in Italy are not only potent plant growthstimulants1,2) but also novel plant