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Cholesterol in remnant-like lipoproteins in human serum using monoclonal anti apo B-100 and anti apo A-I immunoaffinity mixed gels.
We have developed a simple, rapid assay method for apo E-rich lipoproteins (d < 1.006 g/ml), using an immunoaffinity gel mixture of anti apo B-100 and apo A-I antibodies coupled to Sepharose 4B. TheExpand
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High‐level expression of naked DNA delivered to rat liver via tail vein injection
High levels of foreign gene expression in mouse hepatocytes can be achieved by rapid tail vein injection of a large volume of a naked DNA solution, the ‘hydrodynamics‐based procedure’. Rats are moreExpand
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Administration of natural astaxanthin increases serum HDL-cholesterol and adiponectin in subjects with mild hyperlipidemia.
BACKGROUND Astaxanthin has been reported to improve dyslipidemia and metabolic syndrome in animals, but such effects in humans are not well known. METHODS Placebo-controlled astaxanthinExpand
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A novel two nucleotide deletion in the apolipoprotein A-I gene, apoA-I Shinbashi, associated with high density lipoprotein deficiency, corneal opacities, planar xanthomas, and premature coronary
Familial HDL deficiency (FHD) is a rare autosomal dominant lipoprotein disorder. We describe a novel genetic variant of the apolipoprotein A-I (apoA-I) gene resulting in FHD. The proband is aExpand
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Characterization and evaluation of miconazole salts and cocrystals for improved physicochemical properties.
Miconazole salts and cocrystals were studied to improve the physicochemical properties of miconazole. Maleate, hemifumarate, and hemisuccinate were prepared and characterized by powder X-rayExpand
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Report of the Japan Atherosclerosis Society (JAS) Guideline for Diagnosis and Treatment of Hyperlipidemia in Japanese adults.
This paper described the Guideline for Diagnosis and Management of Hyperlipidemias for Prevention of Atherosclerosis proposed by The Japan Atherosclerosis Society (JAS) Guideline InvestigatingExpand
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A novel magnetic crystal-lipid nanostructure for magnetically guided in vivo gene delivery.
Cancer gene therapy requires a safe and effective gene delivery system. Polymer- and lipid-coated magnetic nanocrystals have been used to deliver silencing RNA, but synthesizing these magneticExpand
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Measurement of cholesterol of major serum lipoprotein classes by anion-exchange HPLC with perchlorate ion-containing eluent Published, JLR Papers in Press, May 1, 2003. DOI 10.1194/jlr.D300003-JLR200
We have developed a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method for measurement of cholesterol in the major classes of serum lipoproteins, i.e., HDL, LDL, IDL, VLDL, and chylomicrons.Expand
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Physical activity in the Japan population: association with blood lipid levels and effects in reducing cardiovascular and all-cause mortality.
According to many prospective cohort studies and meta-analyses of those studies, physical inactivity and/or low levels of physical fitness are associated with an elevated risk for the development ofExpand
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Changes in very low density lipoproteins with cholesterol loading in man.
We have studied the effects of cholesterol loading in man, seeking changes in VLDL that may define a population of particles that resemble the atherogenic beta-VLDL in experimental animals.Expand
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