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Thermal conductivity and refractive index of hafnia-alumina nanolaminates
Hafnia-alumina nanolaminates show improved smoothness and reduced crystallinity relative to pure hafnia in films formed by atomic layer deposition (ALD). However, typical nanolaminates also showExpand
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Control of thermal deformation in dielectric mirrors using mechanical design and atomic layer deposition.
A mechanical design technique for optical coatings that simultaneously controls thermal deformation and optical reflectivity is reported. The method requires measurement of the refractive index andExpand
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Encapsulation of low-refractive-index SiO(2) nanorods by Al(2)O(3) with atomic layer deposition.
Thin films composed of SiO(2) nanorods or nanoporous SiO(2) (np- SiO(2)) are attractive for use as a low refractive index material in various types of optical coatings. However, the materialExpand
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Infrared absorption signature on laser-damaged optical thin films.
Optical coating degradation under laser irradiation can take several forms. Perhaps the most common that is not due to particulates is thermal breakdown, caused by heating of the coating to aExpand
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Pulsed thermal excitation of luminescent microparticles for radiation dosimetry
A technique using temperature pulses was used to measure thermoluminescence in single aluminum oxide microparticles. This method can excite a large fraction of trapped carriers to luminesceExpand
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Optical coatings in microscale channels by atomic layer deposition.
High-aspect-ratio channels may be coated using atomic layer deposition (ALD) due to the unique self-limiting nature of the process, and this has been often demonstrated using deep reactive-ion etchedExpand
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Thermoluminescence measurement technique using millisecond temperature pulses.
A measurement technique, pulsed thermoluminescence, is described which uses short thermal pulses to excite trapped carriers leading to radiative recombination. The pulses are obtained usingExpand
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High-power and high-aspect-ratio optical coatings by atomic layer deposition
University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. February 2011. Major: Electrical Engineering. Advisor: Joseph John Talghader. 1 computer file (PDF); xi, 138 pages, appendices A-D.
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Mechanical Design of Thermally Invariant Mirrors Coated by Atomic Layer Deposition
Thermal expansion mismatch between the layers of an optical coating and its substrate can cause changes in the shape of a mirror or optical element. It is shown that with knowledge of the linearExpand
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Atomic layer deposition of optical coatings inside microchannels
Very high-aspect ratio channels may be coated using atomic layer deposition (ALD) due to the unique self-limiting nature of the process. Reactive ion-etched trenches with aspect ratios near 100:1Expand