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Performance comparison of named data networking and IP-based networking in palapa ring network
Comparison of Internet Protocol (IP) based network and Named Data Networking Network (NDN) on Palapa Ring network . Expand
An Approach for Predicting the Shape and Size of a Buried Basic Object on Surface Ground Penetrating Radar System
Surface ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is one of the radar technology that is widely used in many applications. It is nondestructive remote sensing method to detect underground buried objects.Expand
Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Protocols: A Survey
The security strength of key distribution of most conventional cryptography is relied on mathematical complexity and the irrational time needed to break the algorithm. Expand
Service level measurement based on Uptime data monitoring for rural internet access services in Indonesia
We propose a new method based on Uptime sensor downtime, which can be collected from Network Management System (NMS). Expand
The effect of scaling the size of Topology and Content Stored on the Named Data Networking
We work to examine NDN approach proposed by Zhang et.al. Expand
Content storage effect on the named data network traffic load
Named Data Network (NDN) is a network architecture with a content-centric paradigm, in which the consumer has a certain interest in a content. Expand
Routing in NDN network: A survey and future perspectives
This paper critically discusses the classification of NDN routing plane researches by surveying the current literature and presenting its research objective. Expand
NMS for universal service over named data networking: Study on Indonesia higher education network
A solution model for enhancement network management that estimated would be fit and proper to be used in Indonesia. Expand
Image processing and face detection analysis on face verification based on the age stages
The availability of computer systems has created a variety of automated applications in personal identification. Expand
CAPIC: Cache based on Popularity and Class in Named Data Network
This paper proposed a caching algorithm namely CAPIC (CAche based on PopularIty and Class). Expand