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Video-assisted submandibular sialadenectomy using an ultrasonic scalpel.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the benefits in video-assisted submandibular sialadenectomy by using an ultrasonically activated scalpel (HS: Harmonic Scalpel(R), Ethicon, Somerville, NJ) and a specialExpand
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Postoperative Pain in Tonsillectomy: Comparison of Ultrasonic Tonsillectomy versus Blunt Dissection Tonsillectomy
Intraoperative blood loss, postoperative pain, and postoperative appetite were compared between 15 adult patients who underwent tonsillectomy using an ultrasonically activated scalpel (UT) and 15Expand
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Tonsillectomy Using an Ultrasonically Activated Scalpel
INTRODUCTION Tonsillectomy is one of the most popular surgeries in otorhinolaryngology. Although the progress of antibiotics enhances improvement of treatment for tonsillitis, there are still manyExpand
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Blanket Removal of the Sublingual Gland for Treatment of Plunging Ranula
INTRODUCTION The term ranula generally applies to a bluish, translucent cystic mass in the floor of the mouth, which is either a mucus retention cyst or more commonly a mucus extravasation pseudocystExpand
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Patency of inferior meatal antrostomy.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the patency and effectiveness of inferior meatal antrostomy for the treatment of maxillary lesions. METHODS Patients suffering from moderate-to-severe chronic sinusitis whoExpand
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Endoscopic extraction of a foreign body from the maxillary sinus.
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Vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials in two patients with Ramsay Hunt syndrome.
We report on the function of the inferior vestibular nerve, as monitored by the vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials (VEMP), in two patients suffering from Ramsay Hunt syndrome. Both the patientsExpand
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Powered endoscopic marsupialization for recurrent sphenoid sinus mucocele: a case report.
We report a case of recurrent sphenoid mucocele successfully treated by using a powered instrument under endoscopic control. A 59-year-old male came to our clinic complaining of severe headache,Expand
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Changes in CAP adaptation in experimentally induced endolymphatic hydrops.
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of experimentally induced endolymphatic hydrops (ELHs) on compound action potential (CAP) adaptation. METHODS The CAP was recorded 1 month after surgical treatmentExpand
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Endoscopic Extraction of a Foreign Body from the Maxillary Sinus
A foreign body in the maxillary sinus is a rare finding. Possible causes are injury or accident and dental procedures. Classically, the Caldwell-Luc procedure, which involves opening the anteriorExpand
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