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General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics
This study edition, which concentrates on the physical content of Einstein's theory of relativity, is intended for students of physics, astrophysics and mathematics. The mathematical background of
General Relativity: With Applications to Astrophysics
This text provides a comprehensive and timely introduction to general relativity. The foundations of the theory in Part I are thoroughly developed together with the required mathematical background
A generalized Birkhoff theorem for the Einstein–Yang–Mills system
Some results of a systematic study of the coupled Einstein–Yang–Mills (EYM) equations for arbitrary gauge groups are presented herein. In a first step a group theoretical analysis of spherically
Instability proof for Einstein Yang-Mills solitons and black holes with arbitrary gauge groups
We prove that static, spherically symmetric, asymptotically flat soliton and black hole solutions of the Einstein–Yang–Mills equations are unstable for arbitrary gauge groups, at least for the
The history of the cosmological constant problem
The interesting early history of the cosmological term is reviewed, beginning with its introduction by Einstein in 1917 and ending with two papers of Zel'dovich, shortly before the advent of
Gauge theory: Historical origins and some modern developments
One of the major developments of twentieth-century physics has been the gradual recognition that a common feature of the known fundamental interactions is their gauge structure. In this article the
On the first Solvay Congress in 1911
Late in October 1911, eighteen leading scientists from all over Europe met to the first of a famous sequence of Solvay conferences in Brussels. This historical meeting was mainly devoted to “The
From primordial quantum fluctuations to the anisotropies of the cosmic microwave background radiation
These lecture notes cover mainly three connected topics. In the first part we give a detailed treatment of cosmological perturbation theory. The second part is devoted to cosmological inflation and
On Newton-Cartan Cosmology ∗
Abstract. After a brief summary of the Newton-Cartan theory in a form which emphasizes its close analogy togeneral relativity, we illustrate the theory with selective applications in cosmology. The