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Catechin 7-rhamnoside fromSpiraea hypericifolia
The rhamnose is substituted in the phenolic hydroxyl, since in the NMR spectrum of the heptaacetyl derivative there are three, and not four, aromatic acetyl groups (nine-proton singlet at 2.24 ppm)Expand
Flavones and their 5-glycosides from Spiraea hypericifolia
Proanthocyanidin dimers fromSpiraea hypericifolia
SummaryFrom the bark and roots ofSpiraea hypericifolia L. we have isolated and identified proanthocyanidins consisting of dimers of 3,3′,4′,5,7-pentahydroxyflavans: a dimer from the bark (B-1) withExpand
Catechin-7-xyloside from Spirea hypericifolia
Flavans of Spiraea hypericifolia