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Periodic DNA Methylation in Maize Nucleosomes and Demethylation by Environmental Stress*
When maize seedlings were exposed to cold stress, a genome-wide demethylation occurred in root tissues. Screening of genomic DNA identified one particular fragment that was demethylated duringExpand
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A tobacco NtMET1 cDNA encoding a DNA methyltransferase: molecular characterization and abnormal phenotypes of transgenic tobacco plants.
A cDNA encoding a DNA methyltransferase, with a predicted polypeptide of 1556 amino acid residues containing all motifs conserved in this enzyme family, was isolated from tobacco plants, and theExpand
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Expression of ZmMET1, a gene encoding a DNA methyltransferase from maize, is associated not only with DNA replication in actively proliferating cells, but also with altered DNA methylation status in
A cDNA fragment encoding part of a DNA methyltransferase was isolated from maize. The putative amino acid sequence identically matched that deduced from a genomic sequence in the database (accessionExpand
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Diverse response of rice and maize genes encoding homologs of WPK4, an SNF1-related protein kinase from wheat, to light, nutrients, low temperature and cytokinins
Abstract The wheat gene WPK4 encodes a 56-kDa protein kinase that belongs to group 3 of the SNF1-related protein kinase family (SnRK3), and is up-regulated by light and cytokinins and down-regulatedExpand
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Indirect Recognition of Porcine Swine Leukocyte Ag Class I Molecules Expressed on Islets by Human CD4+ T Lymphocytes1
Xenotransplantation of porcine islets is considered a viable alternative treatment for type 1 diabetes mellitus. Therefore, we characterized human PBL responding to porcine islets both in vitro byExpand
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Process for the production of triptolide
A triptolide production process from a culture of suspended cells of Tripterygium sp. Comprising (i) a cell biomass production phase dedifferentiated of Tripterygium species in one or more nutrientExpand
Physiologie, cinétique et modélisation de cultures de cellules végétales en suspension : comparaison de cultures discontinues et continues : influences de l'environnement sur l'activité cellulaire
La presente these a pour objectif d'ameliorer les connaissances sur la production de biomasse par la culture de cellules vegetales en suspension, en prenant une souche modele de luzerne (MedicagoExpand