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Comparing models of rapidly rotating relativistic stars constructed by two numerical methods
We present the first direct comparison of codes based on two different numerical methods for constructing rapidly rotating relativistic stars. A code based on the Komatsu-Eriguchi-Hachisu (KEH)
Neutron-star radius constraints from GW170817 and future detections
We introduce a new, powerful method to constrain properties of neutron stars (NSs). We show that the total mass of GW170817 provides a reliable constraint on the stellar radius if the merger did not
Rotating Relativistic Stars
The masses of neutron stars are limited by an instability to gravitational collapse and an instability driven by gravitational waves limits their spin. Their oscillations are relevant to x-ray
Rotating Stars in Relativity
The sections on the equilibrium properties and on the nonaxisymmetric instabilities in f-modes and r-Modes have been updated and several new sections have been added on analytic solutions for the exterior spacetime, rotating stars in LMXBs, rotating strange stars, and on rotatingStars in numerical relativity.
Approximate matching of analytic and numerical solutions for rapidly rotating neutron stars
We investigate the properties of a closed-form analytic solution recently found by Manko et al. for the exterior space-time of rapidly rotating neutron stars. For selected equations of state we
Three-dimensional relativistic simulations of rotating neutron-star collapse to a Kerr black hole
We present a new three-dimensional fully general-relativistic hydrodynamics code using high-resolution shock-capturing techniques and a conformal traceless formulation of the Einstein equations.
Prospects for fundamental physics with LISA
In this paper, which is of programmatic rather than quantitative nature, we aim to further delineate and sharpen the future potential of the LISA mission in the area of fundamental physics. Given the
Towards a stable numerical evolution of strongly gravitating systems in general relativity: The conformal treatments
We study the stability of three-dimensional numerical evolutions of the Einstein equations, comparing the standard ADM formulation to variations on a family of formulations that separate out the
Nonaxisymmetric Neutral Modes in Rotating Relativistic Stars
We study nonaxisymmetric perturbations of rotating relativistic stars modeled as perfect-fluid equilibria. Instability to a mode with angular dependence exp (im) sets in when the frequency of the