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Partisan Gerrymandering and the Efficiency Gap
The usual legal story about partisan gerrymandering is relentlessly pessimistic. The courts did not even recognize the cause of action until the 1980s; they have never struck down a district plan onExpand
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Dual-surface modified virus capsids for targeted delivery of photodynamic agents to cancer cells.
Bacteriophage MS2 was used to construct a targeted, multivalent photodynamic therapy vehicle for the treatment of Jurkat leukemia T cells. The self-assembling spherical virus capsid was modified onExpand
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The Measure of a Metric: The Debate Over Quantifying Partisan Gerrymandering
Over the last few years, there has been an unprecedented outpouring of scholarship on partisan gerrymandering. Much of this work has sought either to introduce new measures of gerrymandering or toExpand
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Choosing an effective protein bioconjugation strategy.
The collection of chemical techniques that can be used to attach synthetic groups to proteins has expanded substantially in recent years. Each of these approaches allows new protein targets to beExpand
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Self-Assembly for the Synthesis of Functional Biomaterials.
The use of self-assembly for the construction of functional biomaterials is a highly promising and exciting area of research, with great potential for the treatment of injury or disease. By usingExpand
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Political Powerlessness
There is a hole at the heart of equal protection law. According to long-established doctrine, one of the factors that determine whether a group is a suspect class is the group’s politicalExpand
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Immobilization and one-dimensional arrangement of virus capsids with nanoscale precision using DNA origami.
DNA origami was used as a scaffold to arrange spherical virus capsids into one-dimensional arrays with precise nanoscale positioning. To do this, we first modified the interior surface ofExpand
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A bioengineered peripheral nerve construct using aligned peptide amphiphile nanofibers.
Peripheral nerve injuries can result in lifelong disability. Primary coaptation is the treatment of choice when the gap between transected nerve ends is short. Long nerve gaps seen in more complexExpand
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The Powerful Functions of Peptide-Based Bioactive Matrices for Regenerative Medicine
In an effort to develop bioactive matrices for regenerative medicine, peptides have been used widely to promote interactions with cells and elicit desired behaviors in vivo. This paper describesExpand
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Dramatic thermal stability of virus-polymer conjugates in hydrophobic solvents.
We have developed a method for integrating the self-assembling tobacco mosaic virus capsid into hydrophobic solvents and hydrophobic polymers. The capsid was modified at tyrosine residues to displayExpand
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