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Structures Of Thinking
Central to Karl Mannheim's thinking, these essays about the methodological basis of his work show how we can understand, test and mobilize our convictions about the links between cultural and socialExpand
3. Knowledge Societies
Experts: The Knowledge and Power of Expertise
In this book, Stehr and Grundmann outline the theoretical significance and practical importance of the growing stratum of experts, counsellors and advisors in contemporary society, and claim that theExpand
The social construct of climate and climate change
Different time scales of climate change and their differential perception in society are discussed. A historical examination of natural climate changes during the past millennium suggests thatExpand
Practical Knowledge: Applying the Social Sciences
Knowledge as a Capacity to Act Social Science and Practice The Science of Application Economic Policy as Applied Social Science Pragmatic Knowledge
The Fragility of Modern Societies: Knowledge and Risk in the Information Age
Introduction Excursus Fragility PART ONE: THE TEXTURE OF MODERN SOCIETIES The Nation State Functional Differentiation Rationalizing the Irrational Traditional and Modern Societies The Extension ofExpand