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Modifying the linear packing model for predicting the porosity of nonspherical particle mixtures
Based on the similarity analysis between the spherical and nonspherical particle packings, a mathematical model, modified from the previous linear packing model for spherical particles, is proposedExpand
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Porosity Calculation of Binary Mixtures of Nonspherical Particles
An investigation has been made of the packing of binary mixtures of either spherical or nonspherical particles. It is shown that this binary packing system can satisfactorily be described by theExpand
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Porosity calculations of multi-component mixtures of spherical particles
Abstract It is shown that the relative maximum void contraction and the corresponding relative fractional solid volume are only the functions of size-ratio for binary mixtures, which can beExpand
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Parenteral domoic acid impairs spatial learning in mice
The present study is the first to examine the effect of a single intraperitoneal injection of the neuroexcitotoxin domoic acid on learning in mice. Compared to saline controls, animals exposed toExpand
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A Model Study of Droplet Generation in the BOF Steelmaking
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Drop Generation due to an Impinging Jet and the Effect of Bottom Blowing in the Steelmaking Vessel
Experimental results of drop generation in a laboratory model water bath with top blowing and combined blowing are given. It was found that with top blowing alone two different mechanisms of dropExpand
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The porosity of particulate mixtures
Abstract Experimental measurements are reported of porosities in ternary mixtures of spheres and of coke particles and compared with the data existing in the literature. It was found that theExpand
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Porosity calculations of ternary mixtures of particles
Abstract It is shown that the porosities of multi-size mixtures of particles can be calculated with confidence by regression methods and with minimum measurements—seven in the case of ternaryExpand
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Gasification of single wood charcoal particles in CO2
Kinetic studies and SEM analysis have been carried out to elucidate the principal features of the gasification of wood charcoal particles in CO2 gas environment at atmospheric pressure. VariablesExpand
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A study of particle size distributions
Abstract The properties of a size distribution of particulate materials are systematically discussed. In order to avoid possible conceptual problems and difficulty in dealing with a distribution,Expand
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