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Mechanism of coke formation from hydrocracked Athabasca residuum
Abstract Coke forming tendencies of hydrocracked Athabasca residuum were studied. The per cent toluene insolubles formed was taken as an indicator of the coke forming tendency. A coking unit and aExpand
Pressure buildup in gas-liquid flow through packed beds due to deposition of fine particles
In order to understand the increase in pressure drop in hydrotreating reactors due to deposition of fine solids, experiments were conducted with a model suspension of kaolin clay in kerosene. TheExpand
Placental peroxidase--further purification of the enzyme and oxidation of thiobenzamide.
Human term placental peroxidase from non-smoking women was purified by extraction of the membrane fraction with 0.5 M Ca2+ followed by affinity chromatography on concanavalin A, hydrophobic Chromatography on phenyl sepharose CL-4B and gel filtration chromatographyon sephacryl S-200 columns suggesting apparent homogeneity of the protein. Expand
Oxidation of alcohols by N-chlorosuccinimide—a kinetic study
Abstract The kinetics of oxidation of alcohols by N-chlorosuccinimide (NCS) have been studied. The independence of rate on the concentration and structure of alcohol and the fractional orderExpand
Dynamic study of changes in structure and morphology during the heating and sintering of iron powder
Dynamic changes in structure and morphology during the heating of iron powder to high temperatures have been studied in situ in an environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM). The results haveExpand
Reduction of iron oxides by carbon in a circulating fluidized bed reactor
A theoretical analysis of the reduction of iron oxides by carbon in a circulating fluidized bed reactor is considered in this study. Iron oxide and coal particles are fast fluidized in the mainExpand
Influence of hydrogen content on fracture toughness of CWSR Zr-2.5Nb pressure tube alloy
In this work, influence of hydrogen and temperature on the fracture toughness parameters of unirradiated, cold worked and stress relieved (CWSR) Zr-2.5Nb pressure tube alloys used in IndianExpand
Oxidation of hydrocarbons. X. Concerning the formation of ketols and diones during the oxidation of alkenes by permanganate ion
The oxidation of E-5-decene by potassium permanganate in slightly acidic aqueous acetone solutions has been studied. An analysis of the reaction mixture at various time intervals indicates that theExpand