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Getting Personal? The Impact of Social Media on Preferential Voting
Ever since the successful presidential campaign of Barack Obama in 2008, attention has been drawn to the political impact of social media. However, it remains to be seen whether the successful ObamaExpand
Social Media, Parties, and Political Inequalities
This book examines how social media have transformed politics in established democracies. Specifically, the authors examine the influence of the unique qualities of social media on the power balanceExpand
Micro‐ and Macrolevel Determinants of Women's Employment in Six Arab Countries
We analyzed determinants of women's employment with data for 40,792 women living in 103 districts of 6 Arab countries. We tested a new theoretical framework that addresses the roles of needs,Expand
The inclusion of quantitative techniques and diversity in the mainstream of feminist research
Much is written about quantitative techniques and feminist and gender studies. Despite convincing arguments in favour of utilizing these methods, they are still largely absent in the heartland ofExpand
Gendering the vote for populist radical-right parties
ABSTRACT Why do more men than women vote for populist radical-right (PRR) parties? And do more men than women still vote for the PRR? Can attitudes regarding gender and gender equality explain theseExpand
Women’s Employment in Muslim Countries: Patterns of Diversity
With the economic position of women in Muslim countries being a regular focus of public attention and a fiercely debated topic amongst academics, few systematic, detailed descriptions and analysesExpand
Conclusion: dividing the populist radical right between ‘liberal nativism’ and traditional conceptions of gender
As noted in the introduction to this special issue, there is no shortage of scholarship on the populist radical right (PRR). This research, in part, examines the role of women, focusing on gender andExpand
On the Compatibility of Islam and Gender Equality
Although the Muslim world is sometimes depicted as a homogeneous civilization lacking democracy and gender equality, Muslim countries show tremendous economic, political and cultural variation. InExpand
A populist paradise? Examining populists’ Twitter adoption and use
ABSTRACT While populists are claimed to be masters of Twitter, we know surprisingly little about how they use the medium (if at all). This study examines (1) populists’ Twitter adoption and (2) alsoExpand
‘Sexually modern nativist voters’: do they exist and do they vote for the populist radical right?
ABSTRACT Populist radical right (PRR) parties have attracted anti-migration voters by claiming to serve the interests of nationally defined in-groups. Recently, several European PRR parties haveExpand