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Retrieval of memory in animals.
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Ontogeny of memory.
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Acute effects of ethanol on behavior of adolescent rats: role of social context.
BACKGROUND First experiences with alcohol in humans occur predominantly in adolescence, and to a large extent the attractiveness of alcohol at this age is based on its ability to facilitate certainExpand
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Ethanol intake in the juvenile, adolescent, and adult rat: effects of age and prior exposure to ethanol.
BACKGROUND Initial ingestion of ethanol by naïve rats has seemed to decrease dramatically with age. During the preweanling period, infant rats consume large quantities of high concentrations ofExpand
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The effect of nonreinforced stimulus exposure on the strength of a conditioned taste aversion as a function of retention interval: Do latent inhibition and extinction involve a shared process?
Two experiments examined the effects of nonreinforced flavor exposure on the strength of a conditioned taste aversion. Rats were conditioned by pairing maple flavor with LiC1. Prior to or subsequentExpand
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Effect of age and punishment condition on long-term retention by the rat of active- and passive-avoidance learning.
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Fetal or infantile exposure to ethanol promotes ethanol ingestion in adolescence and adulthood: a theoretical review.
BACKGROUND Despite good evidence that ethanol abuse in adulthood is more likely the earlier human adolescents begin drinking, it is unclear why the early onset of drinking occurs in the first place.Expand
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Physiological and behavioral effects of acute ethanol hangover in juvenile, adolescent, and adult rats.
This study examined differential responding of juvenile, adolescent, and adult rats after intoxication from an acute alcohol challenge. Experiment I generated blood ethanol curves for subjects 25,Expand
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