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Single-dose effects of marihuana smoke. Bronchial dynamics and respiratory-center sensitivity in normal subjects.
Normal volunteers with previous marihuana smoking experience inhaled the total smoke from 3.23 mg per kilogram of Marihuana using a bag-in-box technic and showed no increase in heart rate but significant, if lesser changes, in airways dynamics. Expand
Diagnosis of "asbestosis". Observations from a longitudinal survey of shipyard pipe coverers.
Clusters of findings appear more important for monitoring exposed workers than single findings, while the predictive value of a single abnormality was minimal and the prognosis was poor in the nine pipe coverers who had three or more of these criteria in 1966. Expand
Cytology in fiberoptic bronchoscopy. Comparison of bronchial brushing, washing and post-bronchoscopy sputum.
Fiberoptic bronchoscopy was used to study 103 patients with suspected pulmonary neoplasm and material was positive in 41 of the 46 patients with carcinoma, and repeat the bronchial brushing may be preferable when the initial brushing is not diagnostic. Expand
Variability of the volume of isoflow.
VisoV is poorly reproducible compared with the FVC and expiratory flow rates at low lung volumes breathing air and He+O2 and should be considered when interpreting results in a given individual. Expand
Functional responses of the pulmonary endothelium to thoracic irradiation in rats: differential modification by D-penicillamine.
Data indicate that the four "markers" of radiation-induced pulmonary endothelial dysfunction do not respond identically to penicillamine dose-modification, and TXA2 production exhibits the most significant and widespread peniillamine sparing. Expand
Monocrotaline pneumotoxicity in mice
There are quantitative biochemical and qualitative morphological differences between mice and rats with respect to monocrotaline pneumotoxicity, and there appears to be a dissociation between lung endothelial dysfunction and inflammation on the one hand, and pulmonary hypertension and fibrosis on the other. Expand
Impaired central chemoreceptor function and chronic hypoventilation many years following poliomyelitis. Case report.
A 41-year-old slender female who had led an active life presented with heart failure. Some months later she became comatose with severe hypercapnia and hypoxemia following a mild sedative and antihist
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; socioemotional adjustment and life quality.
The relationships between hypoxemia and neuropsychologic functioning in patients are consistent with earlier reports that oxygen treatment may improve mental abilities’ and EEGs’ in selected COPD patients. Expand
Selection of patients with hemoptysis for fiberoptic bronchoscopy.
One hundred ten hospitalized patients with hemoptysis were reviewed to identify factors that would characterize those with malignancy and to evaluate the usefulness of fiberoptic bronchoscopy (FB) inExpand
Familial chronic interstitial pneumonia.
This report is the first to document father to son transmission of the disease with lung tissue evidence and thereby supports the hypothesis of autosomal dominant inheritance. Expand