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Physico-mechanical and physico-chemical properties of synthesized cement based on plasma- and wet technologies
In this work we studied the influence of plasma-chemical technology of cement clinker synthesis under conditions of high-concentrated heat streams on the properties of cement on fixing such factorsExpand
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Processes occurring during plasma-chemical synthesis of refractory silicate materials
The processes occurring during plasma-chemical synthesis of melts from silicate-containing materials as well as technological regimes during the production of silicate refractory melts using highlyExpand
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Mineral Fiber Production Based on Ash from the Republic of Kazakhstan Using Low-Temperature Plasma Apparatus
A technology for recycling ash-slag wastes in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the production of mineral fibers using an electric plasma apparatus to melt silicate-containing materials and processingExpand
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Plasma treatment of wood
Plasma technology was developed to create protective-decorative coatings on the wood surfaces. Experimental investigation on applying the protective coating using the low-temperature plasma energy asExpand
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Structure and Properties of Sio2 Nanopowder Obtained From High-Silica Raw Materials by Plasma Method
The paper presents a plasma-assisted generation of nanodisperse powder obtained from diatomite, a natural high-silica material. The structure and properties of the obtained material are investigatedExpand
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Technology for producing mineral fibers by recycling ash-sludge and oil-shale wastes
The technology for recycling ash-sludge and oil shale wastes using an electro-plasma facility in the production of mineral fibers, for melting silicate-containing materials, and schemes forExpand
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Complex Investigation of Quartz-Feldspar-Containing Raw Material and its Melting Product Obtained in a Plasma Reactor
The processes occurring during plasma-chemical synthesis of melts from quartz-feldspar-containing raw material for obtaining new building materials with enhanced performance are examined. The resultsExpand
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Investigation of Hollow Microspheres Obtained in Thermal Plasma Jet Using Ash-Slag Wastes from CHP in Kemerovo Oblast
The processes occurring during the formation of hollow microspheres in a thermal plasma jet on the basis of ash-slag waste from CHP in Kemerovo Oblast are studied. The results of physical andExpand
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Study of plasma technology for silicate refractory melts production
Herein the fundamentally new unit for production of silicate refractory melts with the use of high-concentrated heat fluxes is considered. Mathematical model describing temperature fields in skullExpand
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