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Growth of one-dimensional nanostructures in MOVPE
The use of metal organic vapor-phase epitaxy (MOVPE) for growth of one-dimensional nanostructures in the material systems GaAs, GaP, InAs and InP is investigated. Some kinetic effects are discussed,Expand
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Phase segregation in AlInP shells on GaAs nanowires.
We have studied morphology and phase segregation of AlInP shells on GaAs nanowires. Photoluminescence measurements on single core-shell nanowires indicated variations in the shell composition, andExpand
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Semiconductor nanowires for 0D and 1D physics and applications
During the last 5 years the potential for applications of semiconductor nanowires has grown rapidly via the development of methods for catalytically induced nanowire growth using the, so-calledExpand
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Sharp exciton emission from single InAs quantum dots in GaAs nanowires
We have performed photoluminescence spectroscopy on single GaAs nanowires with InAs quantum dots in the form of thin slices of InAs, possibly alloyed with Ga as InGaAs, incorporated into the GaAs.Expand
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Growth and Optical Properties of Strained GaAs−GaxIn1-xP Core−Shell Nanowires
We have synthesized GaAs−GaxIn1-xP (0.34 < x < 0.69) core−shell nanowires by metal−organic vapor phase epitaxy. The nanowire core was grown Au-catalyzed at a low temperature (450 °C) where onlyExpand
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Direct imaging of the atomic structure inside a nanowire by scanning tunnelling microscopy
Semiconductor nanowires are expected to be important components in future nano-electronics and photonics1,2. Already a wide range of applications has been realized, such as high-performanceExpand
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GaAs/AlGaAs nanowire heterostructures studied by scanning tunneling microscopy.
We directly image the interior of GaAs/AlGaAs axial and radial nanowire heterostructures with atomic-scale resolution using scanning tunneling microscopy. We show that formation of monolayer sharpExpand
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Determination of diffusion lengths in nanowires using cathodoluminescence
We used cathodoluminescence imaging to determine diffusion lengths in III-V semiconductor nanowires, grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition seeded by gold nanoparticles. Intensity profilesExpand
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Growth and segregation of GaAs-AlxIn1-xP core-shell nanowires
The development of a ternary AlxIn1-xP shell grown around GaAs nanowires epitaxially grown in the [(1) over bar (1) over bar (1) over bar] direction has been studied. Morphology and composition ofExpand
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Polarity and growth directions in Sn-seeded GaSb nanowires.
We here investigate the growth mechanism of Sn-seeded GaSb nanowires and demonstrate how the seed particle and its dynamics at the growth interface of the nanowire determine the polarity, as well asExpand
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