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Neural network controller for microturbine power plants
Microturbines (MTs) as alternative energy sources demonstrate high potential to meet user's needs for distributed generation application. Efficient model and controller are essential to understandExpand
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Neural network model of 100 W portable PEM fuel cell and experimental verification
Abstract The inherent properties of artificial neural networks (ANNs) such as low sensitivity to noise and incomplete information make the ANN a promising candidate to model the fuel cell system. InExpand
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Parallel operation characteristics of PEM fuel cell and microturbine power plants
Abstract This paper reports on the dynamic behavior of a 250 kW proton exchange membrane fuel cell power plant (PEM FCPP) and a 250 kW microturbine (MT) when operating in parallel. A load sharingExpand
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Reliability and availability analysis of low power portable direct methanol fuel cells
Abstract This paper presents a methodology for modeling and calculating the reliability and availability of low power portable direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs). System reliability and availabilityExpand
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Fuzzy unit commitment using the Ant Colony Search Algorithm
Solving the deterministic unit commitment (UC) model may yield the optimal commitment for each unit for a certain condition of the power system. Changing the system condition due to a sudden changeExpand
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Portable direct hydrogen fed PEM fuel cell model and experimental verification
This paper focuses on the experimental verification of an electrochemical model of 100 W portable direct hydrogen fed proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell (FC). The model is built based on theExpand
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Portable PEM fuel cell-ultracapacitor system: Model and experimental verification
This paper presents a comparative study between a model of portable direct hydrogen-fed proton exchange membrane fuel cell-ultracapacitor (PEMFC-UC) power source and experimental results obtainedExpand
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Efficient pulsed power generation
A highly efficient pulsed power generator is modeled and developed to drive a single-stage plasmoid thruster. The pulsed power generator is characterized by its energy being stored in capacitors.Expand
Spatio - Temporal Context Anomaly Detection for Residential Power Consumption
This paper presents contextual anomaly detection algorithm to detect irregular power consumption and visualize anomaly scores using unsupervised learning algorithm and temporal context generated from meter readings. Expand