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Medieval and Early Renaissance Medicine: An Introduction to Knowledge and Practice
In her absorbing history of this complex era in medicine, Siraisi explores the inner workings of the medical community and illustrates the connections of medicine to both natural philosophy and technical skills.
The Music of Pulse in the Writings of Italian Academic Physicians (Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries)
The works of these physicians span nearly two hundred years of the teaching of the Italian schools and represent a fairly continuous tradition and throw light on the concept of pulse music itself, and hence on one aspect of late medieval handling of the ancient theme of the harmonies of the universe.
Communities of Learned Experience: Epistolary Medicine in the Renaissance
During the Renaissance, collections of letters both satisfied humanist enthusiasm for ancient literary forms and provided the flexibility of a format appropriate to many types of inquiry, and may be regarded as products of medical humanism.
History, Medicine, and the Traditions of Renaissance Learning
The first book in a new series and a groundbreaking study of connections, parallels, and mutual interaction between two critical disciplines - medicine and history - in 15th- to 17th-century Europe.
Vesalius and the Reading of Galen's Teleology
S IXTEENTH-CENTURY APPROACHES TO the world of nature remained resolutely bound to ancient texts. Hostility to the medieval past, new theories, new experiences, and new information were evidently
Avicenna in Renaissance Italy: The Canon and Medical Teaching in Italian Universities after 1500
The Canon of Avicenna, one of the principal texts of Arabic origin to be assimilated into the medical learning of medieval Europe, retained importance in Renaissance and early modern European
Medicine, 1450–1620, and the History of Science
This essay examines some characteristics of European medicine from the fifteenth to the early seventeenth century and considers their relevance for the history of science.