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Universal intrinsic spin Hall effect.
It is argued that in a high-mobility two-dimensional electron system with substantial Rashba spin-orbit coupling, a spin current that flows perpendicular to the charge current is intrinsic, and the intrinsic spin-Hall conductivity has a universal value for zero quasiparticle spectral broadening. Expand
Intrinsic and Rashba spin-orbit interactions in graphene sheets
Starting from a microscopic tight-binding model and using second-order perturbation theory, we derive explicit expressions for the intrinsic and Rashba spin-orbit interaction induced gaps in theExpand
Modeling and control of thermostatically controlled loads
A linearized model of the response is derived, and a linear quadratic regulator (LQR) has been designed that enables aggregate power to track reference signals that exhibit step, ramp and sinusoidal variations. Expand
Semiclassical theories of the anomalous Hall effect
Recently, the semiclassical theory of the anomalous Hall effect induced by the Berry curvature in Bloch bands has been introduced. The theory operates only with gauge invariant concepts, that have aExpand
Quantum Algorithm Implementations for Beginners
This review aims to explain the principles of quantum programming, which are quite different from classical programming, with straightforward algebra that makes understanding of the underlying fascinating quantum mechanical principles optional. Expand
Three-stage decoherence dynamics of an electron spin qubit in an optically active quantum dot
The mechanisms of decoherence in solid-state spin qubits subject to low magnetic fields turn out to be more complex than previously expected as an additional fast relaxation stage has now beenExpand
Safe Protocols for Generating Power Pulses with Heterogeneous Populations of Thermostatically Controlled Loads
This work focuses on developing the algorithms to generate a set of fundamental pulse shapes that can subsequently be used to create demand response with arbitrary profiles, which open the door to fast, nonperturbative control of large aggregations of TCLs. Expand
Robust Broadcast-Communication Control of Electric Vehicle Charging
Control algorithms are developed based on randomized EV charging start times and simple one- way broadcast communication allowing for a time delay between communication events to maximize the utilization of excess distribution circuit capacity. Expand
The Berry phase and the pump flux in stochastic chemical kinetics
We study a classical two-state stochastic system in a sea of substrates and products (absorbing states), which can be interpreted as a single Michaelis-Menten catalyzing enzyme or as a channel on aExpand
The theory of spin noise spectroscopy: a review.
This review covers recent progress in the field of optical spin noise spectroscopy with an additional goal to establish an introduction into its theoretical foundations. Expand