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Complicated grief and related bereavement issues for DSM‐5
Bereavement is a severe stressor that typically incites painful and debilitating symptoms of acute grief that commonly progresses to restoration of a satisfactory, if changed, life. Normally, griefExpand
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Anxiety disorder comorbidity in bipolar disorder patients: data from the first 500 participants in the Systematic Treatment Enhancement Program for Bipolar Disorder (STEP-BD).
OBJECTIVE The authors provide a detailed perspective on the correlates of comorbid anxiety in a large, well-characterized sample of bipolar disorder patients. METHOD Anxiety and its correlates wereExpand
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Telomere Shortening and Mood Disorders: Preliminary Support for a Chronic Stress Model of Accelerated Aging
BACKGROUND Little is known about the biological mechanisms underlying the excess medical morbidity and mortality associated with mood disorders. Substantial evidence supports abnormalities inExpand
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Augmentation of exposure therapy with D-cycloserine for social anxiety disorder.
CONTEXT Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is common and debilitating. Although exposure therapy is one of the most effective forms of psychotherapy for this disorder, many patients remain symptomatic.Expand
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A detailed examination of cytokine abnormalities in Major Depressive Disorder
Recent technological advances offer an opportunity to further elucidate the complex cytokine network in Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Twenty cytokines were simultaneously assessed in 49Expand
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Broad spectrum of cytokine abnormalities in panic disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder
Background: Proinflammatory cytokines have been reported to be elevated in individuals experiencing chronic stress as well as in those with major depressive disorder. Much less is known aboutExpand
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Randomized controlled trial of mindfulness meditation for generalized anxiety disorder: effects on anxiety and stress reactivity.
OBJECTIVE Mindfulness meditation has met increasing interest as a therapeutic strategy for anxiety disorders, but prior studies have been limited by methodological concerns, including a lack of anExpand
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The prevalence and correlates of psychiatric comorbidity in individuals with complicated grief.
BACKGROUND Complicated grief (CG), variously called pathological or traumatic grief, is a debilitating syndrome that is not currently included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of MentalExpand
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Prospective 12-month course of bipolar disorder in out-patients with and without comorbid anxiety disorders
Background The impact of anxiety disorders has not been well delineated in prospective studies of bipolar disorder. Aims To examine the association between anxiety and course of bipolar disorder, asExpand
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Childhood maltreatment linked to greater symptom severity and poorer quality of life and function in social anxiety disorder
Background: There is a paucity of data examining the prevalence and impact of childhood maltreatment in patients presenting with a primary diagnosis of social anxiety disorder (SAD). We thus examinedExpand
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