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The ‘EMIRE’ large rainfall simulator: design and field testing
Arainfallsimulatorfor510 mplotswasdesignedandtestedwithintheEMIRE(EtudeetModelisationdel'Infiltration,du Ruissellement et de l'Erosion) program. The simulator is intended to be used in the field and
An automated salt‐tracing gauge for flow‐velocity measurement
This article introduces the SVG (salt‐velocity gauge), a novel automated technique for measuring flow velocity by means of salt tracing. SVG allows a high measuring rate (up to one every 2 seconds),
Soil detachment and transport on field‐ and laboratory‐scale interrill areas: erosion processes and the size‐selectivity of eroded sediment
Field‐ and laboratory‐scale rainfall simulation experiments were carried out in an investigation of the temporal variability of erosion processes on interrill areas, and the effects of such variation
OZCAR: The French Network of Critical Zone Observatories
OZCAR is a network of sites studying the critical zone. OZCAR covers various disciplines. OZCAR will help disciplines to work together for a better representation and modeling of the critical zone.