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A revision of the South American snake genus Thamnodynastes Wagler, 1830 (Serpentes, Colubridae, Tachymenini): I. Two new species of Thamnodynastes from Central Brazil and adjacent areas, with a
Thamnodynastes pallidus, one of the most easily identified species of the genus, is redefined and a neotype is designated, and Coluber strigilis Thunberg is placed in its synonymy, thus clarifying an enduring state of confusion in the taxonomy of this genus.
Redescription of Atractus albuquerquei (Serpentes: Colubridae: Dipsadinae), with comments on geographical distribution and intraspecific variation
Atractus albuquerquei Cunha and Nascimento, 1983 was previously known from a holotype from eastern Para, and 15 specimens from Rondonia and Acre, all in Brazil. We report on 23 additional specimens
A new species of Trachycephalus (Amphibia, Anura, Hylidae) from the State of Goiás, Brazil
The skull of the new species shows an intermediary condition between species of Trachycephalus with a well ossified skull (Casque-headed frogs) and those without cranial ossification.
Atlas of Brazilian Snakes: Verified Point-Locality Maps to Mitigate the Wallacean Shortfall in a Megadiverse Snake Fauna
The first comprehensive collection of detailed, voucher-based, point-locality, range maps for all described and documented Brazilian snakes is presented, with the major aim of mitigating the Wallacean shortfall and as a contribution towards a better understanding of this rich, threatened, and poorly studied megadiverse fauna.
A new two-pored species of Amphisbaena (Squamata, Amphisbaenidae) from the Brazilian Cerrado, with a key to the two-pored species of Amphisbaena.
A new species of Amphisbaena is described from municipalities of Babaçulândia and Estreito, State of Maranhão, northern Brazilian Cerrado, by presenting mainly slender body shape and high number of body annuli.
Herpetofauna, Ponte de Pedra Hydroelectric Power Plant, states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
This paper presents a check list of amphibians and reptiles of the area under influence of Ponte de Pedra hydroelectric power plant on Correntes River (municipality of Sonora), between the Brazilian
Patterns of Diversity of Neotropical Squamate Reptile Species with Emphasis on the Brazilian Amazon and the Conservation Potential of Indigenous Reserves
We present new distibutional data for squamate reptiles (amphisbaenians, lizards, and snakes) from several Neotropical sites and estimate species (alpha) diversity at each site. Species compositions
A new species of coralsnake ( Micrurus : Elapidae) from southern Brazil
The new species differs from other Micrurus species in southern Brazil by the following characters: snout mostly black, head completely black, white gular region, triads with middle black ring 1.5 to 2 times longer than the external black rings, white rings shorter than the internal black rings.
A preliminary list of the Herpetofauna from termite mounds of the cerrado in the Upper Tocantins river valley
Termiteiros sao conhecidos por oferecer refugio e micro habitats para uma grande variedade de invertebrados e vertebrados. Aproveitando trabalhos realizados na area de influencia de usinas