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Growth of heavily doped LiNbO3〈Zn〉 crystals
We have studied conditions for the growth of LiNbO3〈Zn〉 crystals in the composition range ≃4.0–8.91 mol % ZnO. It has been shown that, in the composition range ≃4–6.8 mol % ZnO in the melt,Expand
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Structure and optical homogeneity of LiNbO3〈Mg〉 crystals grown from different charges
This paper reports a comparative study of the homogeneity of LiNbO3〈Mg〉 (≥5 mol % Mg) crystals grown from a charge synthesized using Nb2O5〈Mg〉 prepared through homogeneous magnesium doping of aExpand
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The structure of niobium and tantalum oxides processed by concentrated light flux
The article reports on significant changes occurring in the structure under treatment of Nb2O5 and Та2O5 ceramics by a concentrated light flux (CLF). The changes comprise, in particular, appearanceExpand
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Photorefractive properties of congruent lithium niobate crystals doped with zinc
Optical and structural homogeneity and photorefractive properties of LiNbO3:Zn crystals (0.03 to 4.5 mol % Zn) were investigated by the methods of laser conoscopy, photoinduced light scattering, andExpand
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Photorefractive Properties of Stoichiometric Lithium Niobate Single Crystals
The specific features of photorefractive light scattering in nominally pure stoichiometric (Li/Nb = 1) sin- gle crystals grown from a melt with 58.6 mol % Li2O (LiNbO3st) and in the stoichiometricExpand
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Effects of VTE Treatment on Composition of Lithium Tantalate Single Crystals
The vapour transport equilibration (VTE) is used to change the Li/Ta ratio in lithium tantalate single crystals of different crystallographic orientations (Z-cut and Y/128°-cut). Treatment by VTE isExpand
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The search of homogeneity of LiNbO3 crystals grown of charge with different genesis
The comparative analysis of homogeneity was carried out for LiNbO3:Mg ([Mg]≥5 mol%), grown of Nb2O5:Mg charge synthesized at homogeneous Mg doping during the extraction of Nb2O5 and of usual chargeExpand
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Growth and concentration dependencies of rare-earth doped lithium niobate single crystals
A series of lithium niobate LiNbO3 (LN) single crystals doped by rare-earth elements (Tm, Er, Dy, Tb, Gd, Pr) were grown under the same conditions by the Czochralski technique in a wide range ofExpand
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Dysprosium-doped LiNbO3 crystal. Optical properties and effect of temperature on fluorescence dynamics
Abstract Optical properties of trivalent dysprosium doped lithium niobate crystal Dy:LiNbO3 are investigated at various temperatures. Polarised absorption, emission and lifetime measurements haveExpand
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Research of Concentration Conditions for Growth of Strongly Doped LiNbO3:Zn Single Crystals
In this chapter, the concentration conditions of LiNbO3:Zn single crystals growth are searched in concentration range ~4.0–8.91 mol% ZnO. We have shown that the area of concentrations ~4–6.8 mol% ZnOExpand
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