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A low cost nephelometric turbidity sensor for continual domestic water quality monitoring system
This paper focuses on the design and development of a low cost nephelometric turbidity sensor for the continuity of domestic monitoring of water quality. The electronic turbidity sensor operatesExpand
Strength Characteristics Of Polyurethane (PU) With Modified Sand
Soil stabilisation is defined as a technique to improve the engineering characteristics in order to improve the parameters such as shear strength, compressibility, density, hydraulic conductivity.Expand
Polyurethane Foams in Soil Stabilization: A Compressibility Effect
The use of polyurethane foam is so-called as a low cost technique in soil stabilization. The workable characteristic of polyurethane foam suits the construction needs which increase the strengthExpand
Strength characteristic of polyurethane with variation of polyol to isocyanate mix ratio : A numerical analysis
Based on numerical analysis, we determine the ideal mix ratio of polyol-isocyanate content that influence the strength characteristic of polyurethane foam subjected to axial loadings. This paperExpand
Effect of Nanoclay in Soft Soil Stabilization
The effectiveness of using nanoclay in soft soil stabilization was investigated by mean of laboratory testing to evaluate the compressive strength, effective shear strength and Atterberg limit testExpand
This paper presents the laboratories results for California Bearing Ratio (CBR) value of road sub-base aggregate mixed with coal bottom ash. The Class-F coal bottom ash used in this study are fromExpand
Chemical modified sand soil using polyurethane (PU) for foundation improvement / Norbaya Haji Sidek
Roads are important assets to a country and need a maintenance programme to ensure that the longest life is achieved. Roads have to be cared for and without any maintenances they will lose theirExpand
An Investigation on the Effect of Calcite Bacteria Seeding on Shear Strength of Peat Soil via an Unconfined Compression Test
Peat soils have been known for their problematic characteristics which include high water content, high compressibility and low shear strength. In this study, an attempt was made to investigate theExpand