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Abstract. The crop coefficient (K c ) method is the most widely used method for computing crop evapotranspiration (ET c ) and relies on selecting a representative K c value for a specific productionExpand
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Support vector machine based modeling of evapotranspiration using hydro-climatic variables in a sub-tropical environment
Abstract Existing models and methods report crop coefficient (Kc) as a function of time but do not consider the variations due to surface conditions, wetting methods, meteorological conditions, andExpand
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Analysis of parallel operation of seigs with voltage based controller in mini-grid
This paper presents the analysis of simulation-results of a Mini-Grid system consisting of two SEIGs 0.46 MVA and 0.23 MVA and voltage based generator controllers in SIMPOW®. The typical test-casesExpand
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Drainage ditches have sufficient adsorption capacity but inadequate residence time for phosphorus retention in the Everglades
Abstract Although considered a sink of nutrients, limited information exists to verify phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) retention in drainage networks such as ditches and canals. Nutrient retentionExpand
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Prospects for small hydro power plants based mini-grid power systems in Nepal
It is imperative to promote rural electrification, for overall development, in the under-developed countries like Nepal especially in hilly and mountainous regions. In the absence of national grid,Expand
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Evapotranspiration from drained wetlands with different hydrologic regimes: Drivers, modeling, and storage functions
Summary We tested whether the current understanding of insignificant effect of drainage on evapotranspiration (ET) in the temperate region wetlands applies to those in the subtropics. Hydro-climaticExpand
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Basal crop coefficients for vine and erect crops with plastic mulch in a sub-tropical region
Dual crop coefficient approach of partitioning evapotranspiration (ETc) into transpiration (T) and evaporation (E) has been used extensively for applications ranging from estimating crop waterExpand
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Long Lead-Time Streamflow Forecasting Using Oceanic-Atmospheric Oscillation Indices
Climatic variability influences the hydrological cycle that subsequently affects the discharge in the stream. The variability in the climate can be represented by the ocean-atmospheric oscillationsExpand
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Socioeconomic aspects of Nepalese Mini-Grid
Mini-Grid is a new technology for developing countries like Nepal and socioeconomic aspects of this technology have to be identified for future implementation of this concept. Typically socioeconomicExpand
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