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The Geography of Hotels in Cities: An Empirical Validation of a Forgotten Model
ABSTRACT In 1968, Yokeno published a model of intra-urban location of hotels; he did not validate the model empirically. This paper argues that a hotel located in the centre of the city will chargeExpand
Hotel location and tourist activity in cities.
Abstract A growing body of research is focusing on tourism in urban destinations. However, there has been no research examining the impact of hotel location on subsequent tourist behaviour. ThisExpand
Tracking tourists in the digital age
This paper summarizes both the conventional and the new methods used to collect data on the spatial and temporal activities of tourists. Expand
Sequence Alignment as a Method for Human Activity Analysis in Space and Time
Abstract This article introduces the method of sequence alignment as a tool for analyzing the sequential aspects within the temporal and spatial dimensions of human activities. Sequence alignment wasExpand
Families’ and Professional Caregivers’ Views of Using Advanced Technology to Track People With Dementia
in this study we examined the ethical aspects of the use of the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to track people with dementia. The findings are based on qualitative data gathered from focus groupsExpand
Tracking technologies and urban analysis
An example of the use of aggregative data obtained from GPS receivers in order to better understand the impact of visitors to cities and to highlight the possibilities and the difficulties of using GPS technology in urban research projects. Expand
Cruise passengers' behavior at the destination: Investigation using GPS technology
This paper aims at segmenting cruise passengers in order to identify passengers' profiles according to their behavior at destination. Expand
A New Phase in the Competition for the Olympic Gold: The London and New York Bids for the 2012 Games
The financial success of the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games, coupled with the dramatic increase in the revenues from the sale of television broadcasting rights and the sponsorship by internationalExpand
What do cognitively intact older people think about the use of electronic tracking devices for people with dementia? A preliminary analysis
ABSTRACT Background: The issue of using advanced tracking technologies such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is part of a wider debate on the acceptability of assistive technology to older peopleExpand
The use of tracking technologies in tourism research: the first decade
ABSTRACT The past decade has witnessed dramatic growth in the implementation of various tracking technologies in tourism studies. A thorough review of literature reveals that 45 papers were publishedExpand