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Efficient FPGA Implementation of Multilayer Perceptron for Real-Time Human Activity Classification
A dedicated hardware-based HAR system for smart military wearables, which uses a multilayer perceptron (MLP) algorithm to perform activity classification, is proposed, which requires only 270 ns for classification and consumes 120 mW of power.
Structural studies of oxalohydroxamic acid by single crystal X-ray diffraction and spectroscopic methods
The structure of oxalohydroxamic acid has been investigated by X-ray and spectroscopic analyses. It has been shown that oxalohydroxamic acid exists in the oxamic form in the solid as well as in
A Reconfigurable IoT Architecture with Energy Efficient Event-Based Data Traffic Reduction Scheme
This paper has proposed generalized nodes for connecting various devices capable of creating a scalable local wireless network that connects to the cloud through a network gateway that is more reliable for data transfer in a large network.
Relationships between Serum 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Levels and Plasma Glucose and Lipid Levels in Pediatric Patients in a Rural Hospital
Low 25(OH) D levels in children and adolescents are associated with higher plasma glucose and lower HDL concentrations and these children are more prone to develop type 2 diabetes and cardio metabolic diseases in later life.
Measurement of thermal conductivity of materials down to 4.5 K for development of cryosorption pumps
Cryosorption pumps belong to the class of entrapment or capture vacuum pumps and they retain the gas molecules by sorption and / or by condensation on its internal surfaces. An important aspect in
Estimation of the thermal diffusivity of solids based on ‘instantaneous velocimetry’ using an interferometer
A conceptually new approach is proposed to estimate the thermal diffusivity of optically transparent solids at ambient temperature based on the ‘position-dependent instantaneous velocity’ of
Note: Development of a cryocooler based high efficiency cryosorption pump.
The development of a cryosorption pump, whose pumping speeds are higher at least by a factor of 1.5 compared to the commercial pumps in specific pressure ranges, using a material of high adsorbing capacity along with an adhesive of high thermal conductivity is reported.