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Effects of whole-body vibration on short-term memory.
The data suggest that vibration disrupts central cognitive mechanisms utilized during the processing of information in short-term memory, although compensatory cognitive procedures may exist to minimise these effects. Expand
Selective effects of nicotine on attentional processes
This study has approached the hypothesis that nicotine mainly improves the intensity feature of attention, rather than the selectivity feature, by using the nicotine patch chronically, and results are consistent with the hypothesis. Expand
The effects of alcohol on the cognitive function of males and females and on skills relating to car driving
Nine male and nine female subjects received one of four doses of alcohol (0‐25, 0‐5, 0‐75 or 1 g per kg of bodyweight for male subjects: females received 92% of these values) or placebo. SimilarExpand
The effects of alcohol and other drugs on psychomotor performance and cognitive function.
The behavioural toxicity of alcohol is compared with the effects of these other drugs on psychomotor performance and cognitive function and the results are compared with those of a number of similar studies which examined theeffects of other psychoactive substances. Expand
Effects of nicotine on human psychomotor performance
A comprehensive review was conducted to establish whether there were any grounds to the claim that nicotine can enhance human psychomotor performance. Among relevant studies, many failed toExpand
Modulation of secretory immunoglobulin A in saliva; response to manipulation of mood
No evidence that transient lowering of mood was downregulatory for salivary sIgA is found, and the predominant finding was of sIGA mobilisation. Expand
Evidence of impaired learning during whole-body vibration
Abstract A study of the effects of whole-body vibration on learning and memory was conducted, in which a context-dependent experimental design was used. Forty subjects completed a simple associativeExpand
Separate and combined effects of the social drugs on psychomotor performance
Memory and motor function were shown to be facilitated by nicotine or caffeine, and the debilitating effects of alcohol were frequently antagonised by either drug. Expand
Effects of Nicotine Gum on Short-Term Memory
It is suggested that nicotine facilitates the processing of stimulus information in short-term memory in smokers and no effect on reaction time when the information was absent from memory. Expand
Effects of nicotine gum on psychomotor performance in smokers and non-smokers
The results indicate that additional nicotine improved both the speed and accuracy of motor activity among the smokers, but did not enhance central cognitive processes. Expand